How To Make Chocolate Chip Mocha

I am so in love with Starbucks’ espresso, Tim Horton’s cappuccino, Krispy Kreme’s latte, Seattle’s Best’s macc hiato, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s frappe or any coffees from our favorite cafe. But I still have to get up, get out of our house and get our money just to have these javas. So in my case, it would be better to create my own coffee because aside from having no interuptions, the taste and flavor of my hot drink is in my control. Actually, I’m now in the mood for having Starbuck’s Java Chip or Seattle’s Best’s Javakula. But instead of buying, I’m going to make my own version of cold chocolate chip mocha.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes espresso, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, milk, honey, vanilla and ice.


2. In a microwave-safe container, put a tablespoon of honey, a quarter teaspoon of vanilla and a cup of milk respectively.


3. Heat this mixture in microwave.


4. Get the blender and use it for blending a quarter cup of espresso and chocolate chips.


5. Add the milk mixture and continue blending.


6. Pour your homemade mocha on your favorite glass.


7. Drop some ice.


8. Give it a little stir.


9. Your Cold Choco Chip Mocha is now done and ready to be drunk.

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