Miniature Pinscher: King Of The Toys


I came home into our province with all our dogs running into me like as if they’re welcoming me back to a life filled with kisses, warm licks, wet nose, wagging tails and love. How I missed them! And it seems that they’re feeling the same way, too, except this one black dog who’s hiding under the master’s bed. Oh! Why does our newest dog look so scared? What’s happening to our Mini Pinscher? I’m trying to reach her, but she’s running away. I’ve met various breeds of dog but it’s my first time to encounter someone like her. Are mini pinschers really like this?

Until now, I can’t determine which is the mini pinscher in a group of dobermans or a group of dachshunds or a group of rottweilers from afar since these breeds all have a common coat. Just like them, mini pinscher has a smooth coat which is usually black with rust markings, chocolate with tan, red and stag red.  But if you were able to identify which one is the smallest among these groups, then that is the mini pinscher. Its head, which is proportional to its body has a flat skull, strong muzzle, scissor-like teeth, high ears and dark eyes. Moreover, there’s nothing to wag with mini pinschers because owners crop them as American Kennel Club calls for it. Anyways, there’s a photo below for you to stop wondering what they really look like.


As what I’ve told you, Princess, our very own mini pinscher, and I weren’t close. So personally, I don’t know what’s the proper care to give. But since I’m always watching my mother doing the work, I’m somehow learning from her. First thing to remember is their nutrition. Well, it’s not that difficult. Just feed them the usual stuff and don’t forget their milk. They love it. Weekly grooming and occasional bath comes next. Trim their fast-growing nails and brush their teeth regularly. And oh! Exercise shouldn’t be forgotten. If they keep on running around the house, let them do it. Or if you have time, play with them. This will maintain their active personality. Taking care of your mini pinscher can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your pet. I’m doing some of these for Princess and I must say that these activities improve our relationship.

Miniature Pinscher is the reigning king of toys, as many says. I don’t know where this nickname of theirs came from because it contradicts what I hear from experts and what I see from Princess. In reality, they’re not as fragile as toy dogs. They don’t need much pampering, you know. If they could just talk, their favorite line would be “I can handle myself.” They won’t let you catch them because as long as they have enough energy, they would run and dash and fly. He will escape from confinement whenever possible to satisfy his curiosity and indulge his need for activity. That’s how active they are. But when their energy goes low, that’s the time it’s masters will experience to have a lap dog. Men! They’re so clingy! They’ll sleep on your shoulders or any unoccupied part of your body. The fact that they have this kind of temperament, despite of having a thug life, makes me smile. They may be tough but deep in their heart, they’re loving as well.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this fearless animation, Min Pin!






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