Minion Language

minion language

As I roam around National Bookstore, I spotted this captivating Limelight notebook. Why would I not be delighted to this notebook? It’s covered the most beautiful creature in the world – the Minions! Oh the minion, rather! I didn’t think twice to buy it but thought carefully what to write. Hmm maybe somewhat related to them? Aha! Their language – the minion language!

In the movies Despicable Me and Minions, we can’t recognize what language they speak. They have their own language that we don’t understand that’s why the audience call their speech as gibberish. Well, listen carefully and you’ll find out because they also speak the same language as ours! I mean not really the same but sort of. The film makers have confirmed that Minion language is multilingual which includes, oh let me stop there and just read on.


Common Minionese

common minionese

In the list above, we can see the Minionese language that we can usually hear from these yellow creatures. Is this how they love banana that even some of their words are formed from the name of the fruit?


Other Minionese

other minionese

The director, at the same time, voice actor, Pierre Coffin is so witty for inventing words that will fit to the character of minions. The sound of these minion voices are really cute and funny as they speak Minionese.



english minion language

Minions also speak English! Maybe, it’s because the movie is made mostly by Americans and they see that it is viewed by people who understand English that’s it is still irresistible to use the universal language.



french minion language

I know there are a lot of French words mentioned by the minions in the three movies because Pierre Coffin is a French. Since minions are multilingual, of course, he’ll include his own language. I just got one. Sorry!



italian minion language

Let’s just assume that as they search for their new boss, so that’s before Despicable Me and during The Minions, they went to Italy and learned or heard some Italian words. Oh don’t believe me! I’m just making a story.



japanese minion language

It’s not only people, especially Japanese, know how to speak this language. These yellow creatures in their jumpers also know some terms from Japan. I now believe that linguist is the perfect job for minions.



korean minion language

Minions don’t have slanted eyes, instead they have round eyes or eye. However, they count just like what Koreans do. Well, I just heard them count from one to three. I wonder what language they use when its four or more.



spanish minion language

As the second most spoken language in the world these days, Spanish is surely added in the Minion dictionary by its film makers. So if you think you hear them say these Spanish terms, you probably heard them right.



filipino minion language

“Proud to be Pinoy” comments are coming! Well, yeah, we must be proud for minions know our language. I find them totally adorable when they speak it. I mean, with their own accent and our language, shocks, they’re so cute!

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