Minions Movie Review

minions movie review

Overload cuteness is everywhere. Shocks! Those yellow adorable creatures can be seen not just in cinemas and trailers but also in TV commercials and malls as they are today’s feature in different products such as Banana McFloat, Monde Special Mamon with Minion Maker Kit, Banana Tic Tac Minions, Pantone Minion Yellow, Limelight Notebooks with Minion cover, Minion stuffed toys and Minion interactive and action figures. Well, this is how we, people, show our love for Minions, the characters and Minions, the movie.

Since the movie began with the introduction of Universal Studio, let me start my review with it also. Lately, their introduction to their logo is getting unique, huh? Actually, nothing changes to it visually but I love the idea on how they gave sound to it by using the voices of Minions just like what they did on Pitch Perfect 2. I guess, their next films will be the similar. There’s no problem to that. I believe that they had a great job into it. With this, I expected the movie itself will be excellent.

I was really excited watching the movie to the point that I watched it on its first showing day here in the Philippines. Before July 8, its first showing day, I had a movie marathon on Despicable Me series thinking that it will be related to these movies and so I can refresh my ideas about minions. But quite sadly, the movie Minions has nothing to do with Despicable Me story. It is the yellow army’s journey of hunting for a new super villain to serve, which took place in 1968, exactly 42 years before Gru.

Upon the said journey, minions Kevin, Bob and Stuart met the first female super villain of their time, Scarlet Overkill whom they thought was the boss that they’re looking for. But it turns out to be that she became the yellow army’s enemy. I was right! From Scarlet Overkill’s gestures and name, I thought that she will be the antagonist of the story. Enough for those spoilers! You have to watch it yourself and it will definitely bring fun to the two hours of your life.

Honestly, I got a little boredom at first. I don’t know why. Maybe, it’s because it’s funny, yes, but not as hilarious as the scenes on the latter part of the show. Well, speaking of the movie scenes, I liked the scene where King Bob made the guards look like them. I didn’t heard the next lines in the scene because the cinema was filled with audiences’ laughter. However, the best part of the show for me which I loved and laughed the most was when Kevin, Bob and Stuart was in the dungeon, I mean, epic fail dungeon. Oh poor Blurb or Herb! He’s not really a dungeon master when it comes to punishing the minions.

Minions scenes

Because of this movie, my love for minions was more than before. They’re so cute! We can’t understand their language well since it is mostly gibberish. Remember King Bob’s speech? His audience was speechless as much as I am because all we understood was King Bob! Despite of that, I still love them. In fact, their language is an advantage and their distinct voices made them more engaging. I think, I have to mention the man behind the minion voices, Pierre Coffin. I was really shocked when I knew that these voices were dubbed by only one man. He absolutely deserves our admiration.

Also, the animators deserve the same admiration because I so loved what they did there. I find the minion’s reactions and actions cute especially when they displayed innocence in front of Scarlet Overkill. That’s all I found because I can’t find any other words that can describe the movie’s outstanding animation. Apart from these persons, I salute all the people behind this successful movie! Good Job!


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