Moana Movie Review

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“See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me. And no one knows how far it goes.”

I am so in love with the song! Honestly, it was the one that caught me, not really the trailer, although it helped, too. I found it when Walt Disney Philippines released Janella Salvador’s version of How Far I’ll Go. I must say that she sang it incredibly. I also heard Alessia Cara’s and Auli’i Cravalho’s versions and now I can’t decide on which one’s the best because the song itself allows them to bring out their best.
How Far I’ll Go is simply beautiful. To add on that, it speaks a lot about the character, Moana. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. Actually, I’m currently listening on it because the three versions are the only songs on my playlist as of now.

Because of How Far I’ll Go, I couldn’t wait to watch Moana. And I only got the chance a while ago when I finished my finals. I found out that it is not only How Far I’ll Go that we can love. There’s Where you are, I am Moana, Know who you are, We Know the Way, You’re Welcome and many more! Even the background music used didn’t escaped my attention. I can really feel the Polynesian vibes.

I’m sorry to tell but at last, Frozen has been replaced. Frozen’s good and was once my favorite but I’m really tired of hearing about them on kids and on everyone. Besides, Moana is more amazing and one of a kind. This time, it’s not about princess, castles, love and royalty. It’s more of heroism which is a better lesson for children.

Aside from that, I was absolutely amazed on the animation. The emotions of the characters a very detailed which enables them to easily show who they really are and i love who they are. Maui is such a cool and funny guy. You would not notice that he’s demigod if he didn’t introduce himself as one. Moana is so strong, and at the same time, so adorable. I find her really cute when she was still young, especially when she first encountered the ocean. Her voice and laughter makes me giggle, too. I want to pinch her cheeks! I hope there’s more of the little Moana in the movie. I loved her more when she cares a lot of her pets, though the rooster is dumb. I’m glad that they survived in their adventure.

© Disney Movies UK
© Disney Movies UK
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