OOTD: Sorry Po

OOTD Sorry Po

Mara, Mikay, Chichay, Yna, Patchot, Athena – these are just some of the roles that today’s Teen Queen gave life. These are also the roles that marked the success of Kathryn Bernardo and the roles that imprinted in the hearts of her fans. Well, we won’t forget these characters because each one of them are so identical. Mara is the simplest one, wearing the simplest clothes she got. Princess Mikay, on the other hand, have those bangs covering her forehead. Chichay made those sleeveless collared blouse and maxi skirt trendy. Yna? I don’t know yet since it started just recently. Patchot showed her boyish side with her caps on while Athena equipped those 90’s look. But no matter who they are, most ladies just want to be one of them. Why not? They’re their idol’s on-screen roles!

Teatro Maria Umaga Tanghali Gabi

Since we want to be like Kathryn Bernardo, we must start things up with OOTDs. And the outit I have for this day is from the character who told the famous line “Sorry Po.” Well, I’m not the one who picked this character. It’s our director’s choice! See our school theatre’s poster above? In our theatrical play, I’m a lesbian who fell in love to a guy which causes me to be girly. Being girly makes me inspired to wear Chichay’s outfit. And we just had our pictorial. That’s the reason why I have these clothes on.

© The Fierce Kath Devotees
© The Fierce Kath Devotees

So basically, Cristina Carlotta Tampipi is comfortable with sleeveless tops. It can be collared and buttoned but just make sure that it is tied at its end. It can also be used as vest but also make sure that you have your tank top as your innerwear. For the bottoms, there’s one sure thing that Chichay usually wear – maxi skirt! As you will notice, she’s fashionably smart for she chooses to wear printed maxi skirt when her tops is colored plainly. Otherwise, she will pair her printed tops with plain maxi skirt. Since Chichay’s character is not that wealthy, she just wear sandals, cute sandals, rather. Completing the look, you can just have a simple braid with you.

dress like kathryn bernardo
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