Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal Of Skin Station

After sharing my experience on Strip, hair removal treatments has been the topic of the barkada’s tittle-tattle. My friends and I have been talking about which is the best boutique when it comes to body and facial treatments. And there’s this one boutique that stood out to our little chat due to their painless diode laser hair removal – Skin Station. I must try this. I told myself. Unexpectedly, I found a Skin Station discount coupon from my Belle de Jour Planner. It seems that destiny is really pushing me to Skin Station.

For everyone’s information, Skin Station is the the country’s leading skin clinic in painless diode laser hair removal. Well, after receiving their service, I can say that there’s no doubt about that. Aside from diode laser hair removal, they also offer facials and peels, whitening treatments, anti-aging treatments, anti-acne treatments, scar treatments, slimming and firming and doctor’s services.

If you want to have the Skin Station’s treatment at your home, the skin clinic produced Dermax Professional for you. They offer professional-grade skincare products that are formulated and innovated by the chemists of Skin Station themselves. From what I’ve heard, they make their products through Nanotechnology.

These all sound good! Therefore, after out encounter with cars and breakfast in Burgos Circle and stroll in High Street, we went directly to Bonifacio Stopover to have our appointment with Skin Station. Their branch there is located at the third floor near S&R. Yep! I remembered that because we ate there.

I came with my friend who has acne problems. We both reserved slots prior to that day. But since we don’t know what kind of facial that suits to my friend, he needs consultation first from a doctor. But during that time, the doctor isn’t present. Why? I mean, there should be doctor available even though there are no reservation of doctor appointments made.

Finally, the therapist called my name and it’s time for my laser treatment. The corridor to the rooms reminds me of spa centers because of the dim lights. But that day is not a time for spa but a time for laser treatment so I immediately went to the room assigned to me. I wasn’t able to count how many rooms are there in Skin Station.

The room is small so I find it hard to capture the interior. But compared to other boutiques which are brightly colored and has a lot of posters, this room is simpler and neater. The walls are painted white and the bed sheets are colored white. There’s not too much decorations except for the frames and a wall clock. Well, when it comes to clinics, cleanliness is an attraction.

Although there is the word painless in its name, I still expected this diode laser hair removal to be painful because my friends said that there will be a pricking sensation. The therapist told me the same thing so I was afraid of what kind of pain I will feel. She covered my eyes to protect from laser which adds to the tension. She started applying a cold cream on my underarm.

She stopped for a moment and again, massaged my underarm with a warmer cream. She’s doing that for five minutes, I guess. Then she asked if it was painful. The what? The cream? Oh! I realized that she was asking about the laser. She’s already doing the laser thing without me noticing it. Wow! I’m surprised indeed. That’s how painless it is!

Due to their therapist’s marketing skills, I found myself buying Skin Station’s Infladerm Cream. She said that it’s better to use this cream after the treatment to avoid irritation. I was not satisfied with the container. Products in Divisoria have better tubes than this. Anyway, its texture is smooth and slippery and it has cooling effect when applied.

According to the therapist, the effects of diode laser hair removal will only be temporary but will be permanent after a few sessions. In every session, the growing hair will be thinner and thinner as it gradually reaches the roots. In my first session, I noticed that there are still hair left after the treatment. But after a month, it grew thinner than before.

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