Teen Beach Movie Review

Disney always has a fresh and admirable concept just like in Descendants. In Teen Beach Movie, couple Brady and Mack, due to a storm, magically become part of the another film, West Side Story, his and her grandfather’s favorite 1960s musical. Even though her heart doesn’t want to, it was Mack’s time to leave Brady and to attend a private school away from their land when they suddenly got to the said movie. In their version of West Side Story, it was a love story between rivals where bikers and surfers battle for the privilege to hang out at Big Momma’s. Basically, West Side Story became a way for them, especially for Mack, to realize the importance of fun. You shouldn’t leave someone or something that makes you happy. You should follow what your heart desires.

However, unlike in Descendants, Teen Beach wasn’t able to bring the hey-I’m-gonna-watch-this-again feeling out of me. It’s not the kind of flick that I would search further or unintentionally think about after I watch. If it was released during my childhood, it is not something I would claim as a childhood memory like High School Musical. It isn’t a movie to forget but it’s neither a movie to remember. But that’s just for me. I know that it’s one of the most watched cable movie of all time.

Anyway, the soundtrack definitely takes part to the flick’s fame as it offers a rocking good time for the family. They were able to smoothly bring back the music of the 60s in a modern way and in a way that today’s teen will love. Apart from that, I’m amazed to the performance of the cast whenever they dance. And I must say that they had an awesome choreography. It’s evident that they really chose talented actors, who are not just singers, but also dancers, for this.

Speaking of actors, there are instances that I wasn’t convinced to their actions just like when Mack said that she wants to be herself, that she wants to follow her heart, that she feels free and that she is glad that she came to the life of West Side Story. I think it lacks emotions there. And when Mack and Brady were surfing, I don’t know if that’s also a bad acting or a bad editing or both because they don’t look like they are surfing realistically. On some scenes, especially on the surfing part, the object on the screen changes position as the movie changes angles. For example, when Brady told Mack that there’s gonna be a storm at the end of the West Side Story, Mack’s hands were on her waist in one angle shot but not in another angle shot. It may not be a big for others but this is Disney. I have high expectations on them in each and every part of the movie.

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