Ringtones You May Want

Ringtones you may want

Tired of hearing your old ringtones and want to replace them? Why don’t you try these ringtones I will suggest.


Nokia Ringtone Remix

A remix of the beloved ringtone that almost everyone is familiar with. Who would have thought that this old ringtone can be a jazzy like this.


Iphone Ringtone Remix

If the old Nokia Ringtone has a remix, the new Iphone ringtone also has. It seems that this new ringtoneĀ turned into a Hawaiian dance music.


Error Remix

So many remixes these days. Thanks to the techie geeks who made these. They are able to produce shockingly great ringtones, even the errors in Windows.


Bebe Ko

Wanna hear John Lloyd’s voice all the time? Have this as a ringtone and imagine that he’s calling you the said endearment. Sarah also has her version.


Drunk Squirrel

Do you want to know how a drunk squirrel talks and laughs? We frequently hear this because it is used as sound effects in TV shows.


Answer Me

This is so funny! I guess, if you have this ringtone, you will immediately answer the phone call or put the phone in silent mode to avoid hearing this naughty boy talking.


Idiot is Calling

An idiot is attempting to reach you on your cellular device. Would you still answer the phone call if an idiot is calling you? Or continue hearing this ringtone?


The Cuppycake Song

I used this ringtone for a long time and it is so adorable. If I could just see the kid who sang this, I will pinch her cheeks softly because I think, she’s cute as her voice.


Let It Go

Are you a fan of Frozen just like me? Then, this ringtone is for you especially for little girls. This will make you smile because it is a music box version of Let It Go.



How about Mockingjay and Hunger Games, are you a fan? Then, go ahead and have this one as a ringtone.

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