Subic Grand Seas Resort: The Grand Getaway

After a tiring year of school and work, I need a grand getaway from the city life this summer. I’m happy that I have a Belle de Jour planner that comes with a coupon that grants me to a grand discount for a grand vacation in Subic Grand Seas Resort, a beach resort located in Subic Bay. Although it has limited space as I’ve observed it, it offers a lot of facilities and services that I truly enjoyed.

Before checking in, we decided to take our lunch in this restaurant called Crab Loco, which, we didn’t know by that time, was part of the resort. As we entered the place going through the restaurant, which seems to be the restaurant’s parking, I noticed that the place is actually Subic Grand Seas Resort and the restaurant’s parking I’m talking about is actually the resort’s parking. I was surprised upon realizing this as well as my mom when I told her that we are in our destination. Well, you can’t blame us because their parking lot consumes half of the compound. We didn’t immediately notice that there’s the pool and that the building beside us consists the hotel rooms.


Stepping into their lobby, I can already feel the exhilarating experience and smell the vibe of Bali. The staff are all welcoming and accommodating. But I hope they acknowledge their customer’s emails and text messages. When I sent them my deposit slip through email, they didn’t even bother responding so I wasn’t able to check if they received my payment or not.


First thing that Subic Grand Seas Resort offer is the hotel services. They only have one building having 22 deluxe rooms for the hotel itself which I see as a smart and practical idea since a resort is not always occupied.


The room is spacious for two persons, which is a good thing. The bad thing is the sliding window. It wouldn’t lock! We can’t leave the room in that state so we still had to wait until it’s repaired. But we didn’t mind it anymore because we’re patient and happy staying in their comfortable and icy room.


Just like the usual hotel we see in Manila, Subic Grand Seas Resort rooms also come with toiletries like shampoo, lotion, tooth brushes and soaps and two bottles of mineral water. Oh I love freebies!


The beach resort has two restaurants – Crab Loco and Sayuri Japanese Restaurant. However, I only see one food house here. When we ask a staff where’s Crab Loco, he’ll point this place. When we ask another staff where’s Sayuri, he’ll also point this place. Are you guys kidding me?


No matter what restaurant this is, we’re going to eat because we’re hungry. We ordered their seafood kare kare which we didn’t regret buying. But I got my frappe 30 minutes after my mom got her frappe because they ran out of ice and whipped cream in between two frappes! It’s fine though because we didn’t want to stress ourselves just because of these stuff.


This shot really shows the beauty of Subic Grand Seas Resort. Nevertheless, photos can be deceiving! If you think that their pool is big, no, it’s not. It is also located beside their parking which, I think, is not an appropriate area for the amenity.


Oops! This is my best shot in this pool. Ugh mom! What did you just do with the camera? Anyway, I didn’t stayed long in their pool because first, it’s small and second, the not-so-clean water irritated my skin. I have to shower immediately.


And there’s the beach of Subic Bay! Guests are free to roam around shore and swim into the sea. But we chose not to because it looks dirty. Well, the beach is still an asset since they’re using it for water sports like Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Sunset Cruise, Snorkeling and Diving.


The relaxing view of the sea makes Subic Grand Seas Resort perfect. I can stay here all day. But as I was having a moment, I got to see the famous inflatable island of Subic Bay and it’s actually in the photo! I’ve always wanted to go there but the slots are frequently full. Someday, I will. Besides, Subic Grand Seas Resort will be happy to the idea because the owner of this resort and the inflatable island is the same! Oooh rich kid!


Here’s how everything looks like at night. How I wish I could bring this scene home and watch it every night! It’s so freaking amazing! Those big ships add beauty to the night view. I truly appreciate it.


During dinner, a live band is making the night more lively and lovely. These two ladies are not just good in singing but also, they were able to entertain everyone excellently. And I thank them for granting my mom’s song request.


Aside from the live music, I had fun taking my dinner because of the cats surrounding us. I think, there are five cats walking around the restobar and I’m glad that they are all looking healthy. Kudos to the crew!

Despite of the few things I didn’t like about Subic Grand Seas Resort, I absolutely enjoyed my overnight stay and loved the experience here. It was indeed a grand getaway. This beach resort is something I could recommend to my friends, apart from the inflatable island, when they plan to visit Subic Bay.


Thank you, Subic Grand Seas Resort, for being part of my mother’s treat for my mom. You were able to put smiles on our faces. You definitely gave us memories we wouldn’t forget. Thank you, Belle de Jour, for the discount. Until we meet again!

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