Para Sa Hopeless Romantic Movie Review

para sa hopeless romantic

Last January 28, my friends and I went to SM Sta. Mesa to watch Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, but sadly, we didn’t found it showing. We searched in the net to find where are the nearest mall or cinemas which has this movie in it. Gosh! That’s where we found that it’s not yet showing. It may be a disadvantage to us, viewers, since we expected that we will see Jadine and Julnigo on the big screen on that day, but we just thought that it will be an advantage. Meaning, the movie will be really amazing since they had more time preparing for it.

A month later, the trailer was out in TVs and Youtube. I must say that it really caught me. However, I will still watch it even though I didn’t want the trailer because we agreed to our friend to come with him when he invited us to watch Para Sa Hopeless Romantic. Oh nevermind because I do like the trailer. After being pressured from all sides, Star Cinema finally makes an effort to create a good trailer for a Jadine movie, considering the fact that they botched the Talk Back And You’re Dead trailer. And I see improvement in the Jadine’s acting skills in the trailer since they are now focusing on drama and the Julnigo is still good as before.

The showing day of Para Sa Hopeless Romantic finally came. The movie is based on the bestselling book of Marcelo Santos III, which has the same title. I only read the first few pages of it so I didn’t know the whole story. With that, I don’t think that I have the right to say that the movie followed the storyline of the book or not even I heard from my friend that it don’t. So basically, the story is about Nikko, played by James Reid, who fell in love and broke Becca’s heart and now set to hopelessly get Becca’s trust and love again. Becca, on the other side is played by Nadine Lustre, who wrote the visual love story of Ryan and Maria, played by Julnigo, due to her break-up with Nikko.

I know, the readers doesn’t want to change the book’s story but if this story wasn’t really changed, maybe, I suggest that today is the time to give a little twist on its plot. The story is absolutely a cliche! If there are more revelations in the story, then, maybe, I’ll appreciate it more.

As I said earlier, I thought that the actors had improved themselves based on the trailer. But sorry to say, I was wrong. For me, I prefer Nadine and James during their movie Diary ng Panget. And for Julia and Inigo, I was right because yes, their acting was consistent. The other characters were just okay, except for Shy Carlos, playing the role of Becca’s best friend, Jackie Reyes. Okay is not the right term for her. She’s brilliant! Actually, she looks like Anne Curtis.

What I love about the movie is their soundtrack. One advantage of Jadine to other love teams is that they are great in singing. This made their music fit to their movie and the movie to their music. Their songs playing as the movie’s background music makes it lively. I just don’t know why they included Ikaw of Yeng Constantino in it. Nothing against Yeng, but this song doesn’t fit the Jadine brand.

Another thing! I’m glad that they showcased the beauty of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I really want to go inside that university but I heard that they do not accept outsiders. While we are watching the movie, my friend from PUP was really proud. Yan ‘yung classroom sa ganito ganyan – that’s what we always hear from him. He may be talkative but the way he convey his pride was funny that’s why we enjoyed the show more.

Overall, I didn’t regret watching it. Kudos to all the people behind the movie!


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