Talking About Goodness With BreadTalk

Talking About Goodness With BreadTalk

We, especially my mom, are so hooked on BreadTalk. Every time we go to mall which has their branch, my mom would buy a tray full of different breads. My mother come here in Manila twice a month and in her every visit, we go to mall twice or thrice so we had a number of BreadTalk moments and BreadTalk breads already. I bet other people also share moments with BreadTalk since most of the time, the tables are full and the counter has a long line of buyers. If I were to ask, I wouldn’t spend my time in such a crowded shop that let their customers wait for their turn to pay high-priced breads. But if that shop we’re talking about is BreadTalk, all the wait and all the expenses are all worth it. We choose freshness, softness and consistency over those things.

The love of people for BreadTalk is evident since it has numerous branches around the world already. The success all started in Singapore when they opened their first BreadTalk outlet last 2000 and launched its signature Flosss bun. Now that it has a chain of retail outlets not just in the country of origin, but also parts of Asia like the Philippines, BreadTalk offers a wide variety of bread, cakes, buns and pastries which are revolutionized year by year. Speaking of their products, listed below are my favorites.


Rocky Rocky Milk

rockyrocky milk

Let’s begin with my favorite among my favorites – Rocky Rocky Milk! By its looks, it’s just a plain rocky bun. But its crust that is full of milky flavor tells something more than that. I just hope that the crust don’t easily break and fall. I cry whenever it does.


Rocky Blueberry

blueberry rocky milk

If I’m not going with my mother, she already know what to buy for me. It’s anything with rocky in its name so that’s either this or the previous one. My favorite bun plus blueberry fillings? That’s already perfection, men!




A pastry shop’s original will always be the best. This one brings me back to my childhood when I stuff my buns with rousong for snack. I hope they completely fill the top of the bun with this because back then, I put as much floss as I can.




This one’s the softest, not because of the bread itself, but because it is filled with custard. It’s a good thing that I had a chance to indulge BreadTalk’s Eggstraordinary because if not, I wouldn’t know what extraordinary means.


Get Cheesy!

get cheesy!

I’m not into cheese so I should refrain from giving comments on this long bread because for sure, it will be bad. I just find cheese on breads disgusting. But that’s only for me. I know that others, especially cheese lovers, will place this on top of their favorites, for sure.


Coffee Ball

coffee ball

Their coffee ball reminds me of J.Co‘s Alcapone because of the almond flakes drizzled on top. Both are sweet, soft and delectable, too. I think the only difference, aside from the form, is the cream used. As it’s name said, BreadTalk’s is relished with coffee flavor.


Butter Sugar

butter sugar

Sometimes, BreadTalk doesn’t really put the effort on how their breads will look like. They are more mindful of how it will taste which is great. Their Butter Sugar is an example. It seems fine but it’s more than that.


Walnut Braid

Walnut Braid

Their braided bread goes well with walnuts. Moreover, I adore the consistency of their products because one time, I ordered this in their MOA branch and my second time with Walnut Braid was in their Gateway branch. The taste and the texture were similar.


Marble Tiger Roll

marble tiger roll

The roll is soft. That’s given. But I knew better rolls than this. Frankly, it’s not that satisfying for me. However, I admire how it was created. I wonder how they put those tiger spots on its crust. It’s a strong way of tempting customers.


Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Their Chicken Curry proved that they’re not just excellent in creating fruit fillings such as the blueberry filling in blueberry rocky, but also, in creating meat fillings like the stuffing in this one. They can serve dishes!


Spicy Tuna Sisig

spicy tuna sisig

When I first saw this, I thought that this one is BreadTalk’s version of steamed buns, which we locally call siopao. Well, somehow, it seems like that but its stuffing is better. Hello? It’s spicy tuna sisig, guys, that’s why!


Chicken Adobo

chicken adobo

BreadTalk goes local with Chicken Adobo! Of course, nothing will beat this Filipino dish in terms of food and I’m glad that they thought of having this. I wonder if they also offer this in overseas outlets. Foreigners will definitely love this.


Mr. Beans

mr beans

Although it doesn’t exactly look like Mr. Bean, these cute little bun with smile on its face really made my day because it is so cute.  I think the feelings of the staff of BreadTalk while they’re serving us reflects in this bun.


Earthquake Cheese Toast

earthquake cheese toast

I’m really sorry for a bad photo. I mean, all these photos are awful but when I saw this, I can’t take it. I don’t know what’s on my mind when I captured all these. Anyway, their Earthquake Cheese Toast is so delicious which made me forget that I hate cheese on breads.


Ube Blush

ube blush

I don’t know how to properly say this but I guess, they are better at baking breads than baking cakes. Yes, the bread layers are exceptional and the macarons are delightful. However, there’s nothing special on the frosting layers making the whole thing plain.

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