The Most Beautiful City In Asia From 1950’s To Mid 1970’s

The Most Beautiful City In Asia From 1950's To Mid 1970's

Okay. It started when my classmates and I were talking about Manny Pacquiao, then to Floyd Mayweather, then to Manny Pacquiao again, then to President Pnoy, then to President Corazon Aquino, then to President Marcos, then to other presidents before him and then lastly, to how rich and beautiful Manila was during 1950’s to the mid 1970’s because they said that Manila was the most beautiful city in Asia by that time. And I had a that-was-oh-so-impossible face. So because of my curiosity, I searched photos in Google and look what I found. My that-was-oh-so-impossible face turned into how-I-wish-I-was-born-on-that-time face. Manila is just so stunning! You wouldn’t imagine that Manila has that kind of past. For 45 years, everything has changed. Is there a chance that in the next 45 years, the Manila today will be back to the unpolluted Manila again? Let us just wish that it will happen as we travel back in time and see the photos of Manila then and now.


Manila City Hall

Manila City Hall then and now
© // © ABS-CBN News


Despite the filthy politics that take place within its walls, the structure of Manila City Hall is still imposing after all these decades. The building look the same. But what struck me the most is the underpass, Lagusnilad, which is not yet built. So this is what it looks like without Lagusnilad and without traffic, huh?


Pasig River

Pasig River then and now
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Every Filipino knows that the Pasig River possess one of the biggest change in Metro Manila. According to my sources, Pasig River during 1950 to 1970 was blue in color, odorless and has floating waterlilies on it. But now, it was the other way around. Blue turned into brown and the floating waterlilies turned into floating garbages.



Quiapo then and now
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The real difference between the Quiapo then and now can be seen in these photos because the way they are captured is really different. The real difference can be seen in the actual view. Quiapo back then was so clean and was kept sacred. Now, I don’t understand why people are having bad habits while the church can see them.


Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard then and now
© // © Claudad de Manila


I’m glad that the changes between the then and now photos of Roxas Boulevard was minimal making it the most maayos road in Manila, for me. The traffic wasn’t as heavy as the others. But when you see the bay beside the boulevard, oh gosh, can I take my words back?



Avenida Then and Now
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I don’t know that Manila has this kind of road back then and I don’t know that Avenida looks like this before. Wow. If ever the retro scenery was still there until now, perhaps, we can beat the beauty of New York. They said that this place was very famous then because theatres are located here. But sadly, they are all gone.



Carriedo Then and Now
© 2004 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries // ©


One route from our former condo in Binondo to La Salle passess through Cariedo and most of the time, I decide to walk along the said road when it is traffic. And the feeling was like I’m walking along the street of jeopardy, unlike five decades ago wherein you are sure that the people around you won’t do any harm to you.

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