Top Ten Songs: Before We Sleep

before we sleep

Recently, I made an article entitled How To Fall Asleep Immediately. So, the title says what’s all about. One of my suggestion there is that listening to songs will make you relax and calm to put you in a good night and tight sleep. However, I realized that it still depends on the song and genre you listen to. If that song on your playlist lets your body groove and your head bang, I don’t recommend that. You definitely won’t be able to fall asleep with that kind of song! This idea leads me on making a new article that features my top ten songs I listen before going to bed.


Through the Rain

This is one of the most meaningful songs ever written which is sung even better by no less than one of the world’s best singers! Mariah Carey is so influential and inspiring. Yes, she makes sexy music but she also gave so much authentic music to her fans as far as helping. This kind of music with good lyrics will clear your mind to sleep.


So Many Questions

The OPM songs before are really inspiring that it will absolutely touch the listener’s heart and I believe that this kind of songs will let you relax for a better sleep. I remember and miss the time when the Philippine hit chart in radio, MTV and Myx are filled with songs from Philippine famous bands like Side A. So Many Questions represents!


Thinking out Loud

Everyone’s agreeing with mewhen I say that Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud will let you fall not just on the singer but also, on your bed. However, we always hear this song time by time in every area that made it quite rusty. But with the inspiring voice of Ed Sheeran, soft drum beats and loving lyrics of the song, it’s still irresistible until now.


Can’t Help Myself

“Can’t sleep tonight ’cause your on my mind.” – please don’t believe on the lyrics. Toni Gonzaga is just in love that’s why she can’t sleep. Maybe, she haven’t tried hearing her own song on bed that’s why. Well, this beautiful song, with Toni Gonzaga’s nice voice, will just make you feel like you’re floating out of love while your bed is an imaginary cloud.


Lay me Down

I know the song is about missing someone. But imagine that Sam Smith, or someone special, is singing right in front of your face and each words is dedicated for you – “Can I lay by your side, next to you? And make sure you’re alright. I’ll take care of you. I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight.” You’ll definitely sleep smiling.


Misguided Ghosts

I love Haley Williams when she screams out loud on her pop rock songs, but of course, we don’t want that kind of songs when we sleep. Perhaps, instead of feeling sleepy, our minds will be energized. Try her mellow songs! I can’t believe that when she sings softly, she’ll be able to melt people’s heart. What a perfect voice for a good night.


Sana Maulit Muli

The song reminds me Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson and I have been loving this song ever since the Kimerald made the TV series, Sana Maulit Muli, but it’s actually Gary Valenciano who made me appreciate it. I don’t know what to feel while listening – sometimes sad, sometimes happy. But one thing is for sure. It makes me sleep.


Stay with me

Sam Smith’s voice along with this song puts me in the following moods: sad, happy, angry, sorry, tearful, accepted, hopeful, lonely, satisfied, tired, amused, bitchy, touched, bittersweet, calm, blank, crazy, cheerful, thankful, confused, jealous, numb, cranky and after I finally get over myself of feeling like this, I am sleepy. Good night!


On the Wings of Love

Since the song On the Wings of Love is a big hit again and will always be heard on TV, I included it in this list. I bet that after watching the TV series, you will always have a good night sleep as this song runs on your mind. Among all the versions of this song, I love Kyla’s rendition from high to low for she gives power to the song.


One More Gift

Two of my suggestions in How To Fall Asleep Immediately are listening to music and talking with God. But what if we combine the two? Maybe, it will double the effect, right? We can talk to God by listening to worship songs before we sleep. One More Gift is just one of those songs for it asks for peace. There’s a lot more on We Sing And Listen For Him.

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