Upside Down Museum: Going For A New Perspective In Life

I bet you’ve seen photos that looks weird yet creative because the people in it are hanging upside-down and wondered how that happened. Well, that can only be possible with Upside Down Museum. As it name says, Upside Down Museum is an exhibit of art that gives you an illusion and let’s you pose upside-down in your photos even in fact, the things around you are the ones which are rotated, not you. Although the concept isn’t new to us anymore and the place was only inspired by the museums in USA, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, I still admire the idea of creating such gallery and I’m glad that it reached the Philippines.

Despite the fact that they have different themes, I can’t help but compare Upside Down Museum to Art in Island because they are the only interactive museums I’ve been to so far. These two both offers unique art that people can play and have fun with. But unlike Upside Down Museum, Art in Island is more of a 3D art that makes you feel you are part of the art. Comparing them, it’s evident that Upside Down Museum has a smaller compound yet there are spaces inside that are unused. I just hope they maximize their museum so their features will not only be limited to 15.

We don’t expect the guests to understand each features quickly so I’m glad that there are staff around who are willing to guide each groups throughout the whole adventure. I find them really helpful since I only went there with my mom. Of course, I don’t want to be her photographer or vice versa or else, we will be alone in the photos we’ve taken. And obviously, selfies are not applicable because it won’t capture the whole feature. I also appreciate their staff for suggesting poses so we can have a good and witty shots.

Upside Down Museum just opened recently and having good reviews is a good start for them. To keep this up, I suggest that they’ll add more or change the artworks each year so that the people who went there already can come back again with different attractions to capture. But even if they don’t, I will still come back again and again with different groups of friend. Of course, I’ll recommend this place to them and to my readers. For the meantime, you can view my own photos in my Upside Down adventure.


Get ready to flex your bodies when you plan to go to Upside Down Museum.


In Upside Down Museum, It’s Christmas everyday as the fun never stops.


So yeah! This is how my mom and I play chess.


Oh shoot!


I’m a risk-taker. I know.


Please feed the hungry.


Anybody there?


I told you! We have the talent of posing something like this upside-down.


Aside from features giving upside-down effects, there are also features that are not which are still mind-tricking like this giant headset.


We almost fell! I’m lucky I got my mom’s hair and my mom hang her feet like that.


I’m telling you this is not my fault. Don’t accuse me.


Someone’s sneaking. She looks like me.


My hokage moves!


When crush says he likes kinky hair.


Oh no! Don’t step on us!


That giant sneaker listened to me and let us rest on it for a while.


Oh I forgot to tell. Their comfort room is exposed. So be be ready when you pee.


They also offer yoga lessons. I’m happy I learned it immediately.


However, I just have a concern regarding the dangerous stuff inside. I hope they keep those unnecessary things because when we went there, we had an accident. We got skewed by this long cubic thingy here.


Kidding! Actually, we enjoyed our visit in Upside Down Museum. It was a one-of-a-kind experience.

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