Ways To Style Bow

how to style bows

Ribbons and bows are our hair’s best friends during kindergarten. But we left them thinking that it doesn’t suit our personality anymore. What we don’t know is that ribbons and bows are the missing piece on our every day hairstyle to make it adorable and perfect-looking. They are absolutely fine to wear as long as we wear it properly. What do I mean by wearing it properly? First, we should pick the smaller bows over the bigger bows. Second, we select the bows which is more sophisticated than the less mature-looking. Third, we should choose the bows made out of fabric over bows made out of plastic. And lastly, we shouldn’t wear those on top of our head, oh yes, just like what I have on the photo above.¬†However, below are eight ways to rock bows.


Bow on Headband

bow on headband The reason why I look like a kid on the featured photo is not the ribbon, but the size of the ribbon. I believe that the bigger the ribbon you have on your headband, the younger you’ll look. So if you want to be quite creative in using headband, just stick that cute little bow on the upper left or right of it, slip your headband on and your hair is all set.


Bow on High Ponytail

bow on high ponytail

When the sun is scorching that brings us sweaty body we just wanna put our hair up into a high ponytail. But of course, some of us want to be more beautiful than having just a ponytail. Why don’t you style it with a simple ribbon? We won’t break any rules if you’ll do that. I tell you that the simple move gives a great impact on girl’s beauty.


Bow on Low Ponytail

bow on low ponytail

Maybe, some of you, ladies, prefer low ponytails instead of high. Don’t worry because bows also work with it. When I do this, I place all my hair into one side before I bond them together. I use elastic bonds first so it’s tight and secure. And that’s when I add the bow facing the audience. Bam! You’re ready to go as a chic.


Bow on Clip

bow on clip

The keys to make bows work as sophisticated, adult essential are a little dishevelled texture and not-too-perfect styling. The simplest way to pull off a bow is by using it as a clip. It’s the common hair essential that you’ll see in stores. However, for those who don’t have yet, like me, just ask for the help of bobby pins to lock the bow.


Bow on Half Updo

bow on half updo

Shocks! I remember that this is the style that I Iove for my hair when I was younger and I couldn’t wait to try it again now that I’m, uhm, young! Kidding aside, this half updo is pretty self-explanatory. Pick up the strands from outside of the hair or from the both sides of the hair, tie them together at the middle and slip in the bow.


Bow on Braid

bow on braidThe photo explains it all. Form the type of braid that you desire. When you reach the end, tie it first with elastic bond before putting in the bow, or else, it will keep on sliding down. I must say that braids goes better with better with ribbons that’s why most of the braid tutors on net end their craft with it. It completes the look of the hair!


Bow on Bun

bow on bunDo you want to be formal yet not too formal? Well, you can have them both in different views and angles – business in front and party on back. Top off your bun by placing ribbon just below of it. Putting a bow under your ballerina bun or top knot looks so Parisian lady. Keep your ribbon small for the most modern look.


Bow on Peineta

bow on peineta

I know this is kinda funky, but if you are nice and naughty and on the go to be called cute, then this is what I recommend you – medium-sized bow peineta combed on top of your head! Just like what I did on a plain headband, I grabbed a plain peineta and affix the bow on the middle. Do I look like an anime now?

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