Ways To Style Scarf

Ways to style scarf

I know, this isn’t timely because scarves are not for Summer. But hey, this can still be useful when cold season come. See? They are such a blessing in the winter. They don’t just warm us during those days, but also, they are wonderful essentials that will make us fashionable during the day. Scarves can be wore with different tops with different necklines. However, ladies have to keep in mind that we have to wear it correctly. Below are ways to tie, knot and style your scarf.


Modern One Loop

modern one loop

Hang the scarf to your nape with one end longer than the other. Make a loop around your neck using the said longer end. Then, adjust the tightness of your scarf and the ends of it. It’s up to you if you try these ends in the same length or slightly different. Both style will look fancy.


Quick Toss

quick toss

This one is the common style I see in most people. Perhaps, it is because it’s the easiest to do. As what its name says, it’s just a quick toss. Hang the scarf over your nape, again, with one end longer than the other. Then, loop the longer end behind the opposite shoulder. The looped end should be hanging down from your back.


Infinity Loop

infinity loop

Oh how we love infinities because of the meaning that it brings. By the way, we can show it by wearing scarf through an infinity loop. Hang the scarf over your nape, but this time, both ends are equidistant because we have to tie these ends twice. After tying, twist the bottom part of the loop so that it will look like an infinity and the drape the bottom hole over your head.


Bunny Ear

bunny ear

As always, hang the scarf over your nape with one end significantly longer than the other. Loop the longer end around your neck two times and insert it through the second loop. Lock the loops by tying the both ends of the scarf. Make sure to remain untied fabrics hanging down. Hide the knot using the loop and move the two ends, dangling of the loop, slightly on the side.




If you want a simple scarf style, without hanging ends, choose turtleneck. All you have to do is to wrap the scarf around your neck with enough number of loops and enough tightness. To get rid of the excess fabric, tie it together twice after looping. Hide the knot underneath the loops.




I prefer a blue scarf for this one to show that its a waterfall style. Anyways, you have to start this style by making a modern one loop, the first style we discussed, but one end should be longer than the other. Then, take one edge of the end on the your opposite shoulder and fit it on the top corner into the loop at the side of the neck.


Magic Trick

magic trick

Don’t worry. This style won’t trick you. Start the magic trick by making a modern one loop. Once done, use the non-looped end to tug a little bit of the fabric through the loop, forming a semicircle. Fit the looped end through the semicircle. Adjust both ends to balance out the scarf.


European Loop

european loop

Okay. The European Loops seems to be complicated but you know what, it is just easy as the others. Before draping over your nape, equally fold the scarf lengthwise, and then drape it where it should be. Insert the non-folded end into the loop created by the folded end. Tighten the scarf until you’re comfortable on it.

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