Ways To Style Shoelaces

We say that our shoes lead us to our destination so we better choose the right shoes for us. We usually pick the shoes that are presentable, shoes that define who we are and shoes that suit our outfits. But did you know that shoelaces can also help us trendy. With different designs of shoelaces, we can be chic.

In showing ways to style shoelaces, I used Tiva Uma of Fila since its denim color will pop out the color of the shoelace. Actually, Fila Tiva Uma comes with two colors of wide shoelaces, which are green and white. But for this post, I changed it to a round one so it can define the designs well.


Straight Bar Lacing

Many prefer the straight bar lacing than the usual lacing because this is way neater. To do this, Begin a straight line on the eyelets near the toecap. From the inside, bring out one shoelace edge from the topmost eyelet while the other shoelace edge from the next eyelet from the bottom. All the way up, make a horizontal bar whenever this shoelace edge is outside.


Lattice Lacing

Lattice lacing is also people’s favorite because it gives the shoes an amazing design, especially if the wide shoelaces are used. From the bottom eyelet, you have to cross the shoelaces outside inserting them into the third eyelets from the bottom. Pull them out from the eyelets on top, cross them once again and insert into the second eyelets from the bottom. Then perform the same process.


Loop Back Lacing

Just by looking at it, you will already know how to do it. I’ll just stare at my classmate’s shoes and I can already design the same by myself. That’s how I learn most shoelaces designs. From the bottom eyelet, each pair of eyelet are given a twist in the center of the shoe before inserting the shoelace edges on the next eyelets.


Starburst Lacing

This is my favorite design of all because I think it’s unique and awesome. Well, to put that starburst on your shoes, simply cross your shoelace using the four farthest eyelet. Again, form a cross using the second four farthest eyelet. Do it again and again until you reached the center. Tie it inside so the knot won’t ruin the design.


Star Lacing

When it comes to shoe lacing, star is more complicated than starburst. On star lacing, I can’t learn it just by looking at it. We need a step by step tutorial on this. And I don’t think I am the right person who can tell you that because I admit I still don’t memorize the process. Better consult Google or Youtube on this.


Side Loop Lacing

After trying the existing patterns I learned from friends and the internet, I found myself making my own shoelace design. From this, I am proud to say that the next designs are my idea. But of course, these ideas are tweaked version of the existing design just like this side loop lacing. Redo the loop back lacing but instead of looping the tie in the center, loop it on the sides.


Low Bow Lacing

I think this is the first design I made. I’ve been doing a low bow lacing since I was in high school because I was quite spiffy that time. This is just simple because it’s just an inverted criss-cross lacing. Instead of commencing from the bottom eyelets, do it from the top eyelets. Instead of putting the bow on top, put it on the bottom. That’s it!


Diagonal Bar Lacing

Since we already know how to do the straight bar lacing, I think you can experiment on how diagonal bar lacing works. I’ll give you a clue which is already clear from the photo. Usually, we start at the two bottom eyelets, but in this design, we start at the bottom eyelet on one side and, at the same time, at the second bottom eyelet on the other side.


Horizontal Twistie Lacing

I was actually making a twistie lacing here but the twists ended up to be in horizontal form. But I find this mistake adorable so I continued it and created my own twistie lacing way. Begin from the inside and pull the edges from the bottom eyelets. Whenever the edges are outside, twist the laces twice and insert them on the next eyelets from the bottom to top.


Box Lacing

It doesn’t look like a box but I named it that way because the design forms a closed figure that follows a box or a square. Start a straight bar from the bottom eyelet, cross them underneath and pull the edges from the opposite eyelet. Insert the edges on the next eyelet from the bottom and continue until there’s no eyelet left.


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