World’s Famous Cinnamon Rolls

Whenever I meet the strong and pleasant aroma of cinnamon in a mall, it indicates that Cinnabon is somewhere around me. It is a smell that is so inviting and so irresistable. It is a smell which makes sure that the pleasure won’t just reach my nose but also my palate and appetite because it is a smell that pulls me to their store and pushes me to buy a cinnamon roll. So you can’t blame me if I keep on coming back to Cinnabon.

Cinnabon is an American chain of baked goods with cinnamon rolls as their signature item. As they say, Cinnabon is the world’s famous Cinnamon Roll and for me, perhaps, the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. From the original cinnamon roll, they tweaked and produced to offer different variants, apart from coffees and shakes.


Cinnabon Classic & Cafe Mocha

The orginal will always be the best and that is once again proved by Cinnabon Classic. I can see the reason why it is loved not just by the Philippines but by the world. Aside from serving it fresh, the roll is soft, yummy, gooey and consistent in different times I bought. And I liked it more when it is accompanied by their coffee. No matter what kind, they are all good and soothing. Their coffee is strong just like how I want it to be.


Dulce de Leche Minibon & Caramel Shake

While I enjoyed my Cinnabon Classic and Cafe Mocha, my mom ordered Dulce de Leche Minibon and Caramel Shake. However, she didn’t finished them because she said they’re too sweet when in fact, the sweetness doesn’t really overpower. It’s her sign of aging, I guess. Anyway, as I was saying, the caramel flavor of both meals balance the flavor of cinnamon and cream making the pair delightful to munch.


Roll on the Go & Dalandan Juice

Their menu suggests pairs of meals and drinks that go well with each other so I followed the first pair in there which includes a Roll on the Go and Dalandan Juice. I like the idea of having a roll sliced into bits so customers can easily eat their snack while shopping. But I don’t think that matching it with Dalandan Juice is a good idea. I can’t take a roll that is too sweet and a juice that is too sour together. Well, I appreciate them individually but not together, please.


Biscoff Cookie Minibon

Is this what you call minibon? Wow! It’s big enough to make one’s stomach full. And with a buy one take one promo from Booky, it can already fill to tummies. I notice that their Biscoff Cookie Minibon is the same as the Cinnamon Classic but sprinkled with biscoff cookie making the cinnamon less sapid. However, compared to the original, the bread is not fresh and not even heated properly. But it’s a good thing it’s not a sweet as Roll on the Go.



Cinnabon will prove how much I love freebies and discounts. After I got my buy one take one Biscoff Cookie Minibon promo from Booky, I got a discount for buying Cinnapack from Belle de Jour. It’s a box that contains assorted flavors of nine cinnamon rolls. I think its perfect as a gift so I gave to my dad as a Father’s day present. Of course, I got to taste the three flavors inside. Actually, they are just the same but with different toppings. I like the caramel pecanbon the most.

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