A Year Being 16

A Year Being 16

This November 18, we have to celebrate! Not because it’s my birthday but because it is my first year in posting photos in Instagram. Yay! No, I’m not joking. But imagine, I post photos in my Instagram account shared in my Facebook account for 365 consecutive days! That’s an achievement for me, aside from living 17 years in this planet. So yeah, we really have to celebrate.

People are asking why do I have to post photos every day. The answer is simple. I just want to. During my 16th birthday, I made an Instagram account but I didn’t know what to post so I planned to capture every moment I make every day and share them on Instagram and Facebook. We all know that photos possess memories. With the help of the photos I posted, I can reminisce my past and I’ll know that this moment happened within this day or that day. And also, I’m wondering how my face changes as time passes by. So what are the differences I noticed between my first photo and my 365th photo, which is today? Nothing. Nothing changes. Perhaps, next time. Since today is my birthday, let me share these 365 photos with you.


Now that I am 17, the journey continues and a year being 17 will come. Stay tune for more pictures that I’ll be posting. Hope that you’ll not get weary of my face.

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