Montello High: School Of Gangsters Book Review

Montello High School Of Gangsters

Summer Leondale – a transferee who was kicked out in every school she attended because of being a stone-hearted trouble-maker. But in this new school, she’s now the one in trouble. How come?

Van Freniere – a gang leader that girls want. He has so much mystery that no one knows what really desires. As story rolls, you will find no clue that he has this sweet character behind his dark aura.

Tyler Del Valle – well, I can say that he’s just a kid by the way he acts. But he is as mysterious as his brother, Van, because you’ll never know that he’s mafia reaper that serve as Summer’s bodyguard.

Ethan Montreal – a good-looking Chinito who is a student council officer. He has a very good leadership that made me vote him for Summer. But at the end, the twist of the story tells that he is a part of the enemies. Woah!

Trinity Domingo – a perfect girl, as said in the story, who has her flaws which is being stupid in love with Van. She always blames Summer for all the trouble in school but at the end, she realizes that they are in the same side.

Jin Cast – an anime bishie who has a big crush on Summer. He is willing to leave Dark Monarch, his gangster group just to protect his violent crush and he is willing to die just to save her.

Tres Freniere – gorgeous but deadly. That’s how I can deacribe him. He wants to kill who he wants to kill without hesitation, especially Summer, but his little brother don’t let him because he said, Summer is Van’s prey.

Samual Leondale – Summer’s dad who seems so innocent to her. He is the only person whose name was erased from the Freniere’s Mafia’s list. I can’t imagine that his high school activity was the one who saved his daughter.

Dr. Charlotte Mitton – a doctor who has this short yet heartbreaking love story. But you’ll never thought that this great love story of hers will save our main characters and the whole school.

What do you think will happen if all these characters revolve around in a school of gangsters which they call Montello High? As you can see, they are all dangerous. It seems to be boring if they all have one attitude, like for example in a love story, the girl is dangerous as well as the boy. But you’re guessing it wrong because Montello High: School of Gangsters has the biggest twist that I had ever seen. In here, it’s not just the story that is being flicked, but also, a lot of characters. The good turns bad and the bad turns good without any hint of changes. Just like what the book states,

“So you think your bad? Think again. There are people out there who are worse, distinguishly gorgeous devils who are not meant to be messed around with, especially when they find you dancing in their territory of hell.”

I am a no fan of dark fairytale. They’re so creepy and intense. But this one, this book, I can’t help it. Yes, Montello High: School of Gangsters may be deadly to the point that even the readers are afraid of Van, Tres and Summer, but this book has a lot of mystery, which I love the most. There are also romantic scenes in a dangerous way but the kilig factor doesn’t fade.

Action, Mystery, Romance, Comedy – these were the genres that are really really hard to combine. But believe it or not, Montello High: School of Gangsters is a package for having them all. That is why I super admire the author, Shiela May Familaran. She writes like a professional writer. If this is going to be a movie, I guess, it will line up with the international movies because of the superb scenes and outstanding delivery of the story. And this is all because of ms. author. In fact, I stalked her because of my curiousity on how she got this kind of imagination. She deserves the appreciation given by her fans. I salute you, ms. author.

Montello High School Of Gangsters book

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