Dance Challenges For 2016

2016 dance challenge

Nowadays, youngsters don’t just listen to trending pop music over earphones. They dance with its beat in front of a camera! That’s the new game kids these days are playing. Cameras around the world have been capturing a specific brand of challenges, in which teenagers attempt a popular dance or perform a rap over a specific beat, and then share footage to virtual audiences through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Musically and such. Since it’s some kind of a challenge, it’s already understood that the one on the video is daring the people watching to do the same video with the same song and the same dance steps and post it online with the same hashtag.

Of course, we’re up to date. My friends, who are also featured in my blog post, Crazy Tips For Crazy Barkada Outing, are not thinking twice to take the dance challenges. So throughout the year, whenever we meet, we set up the camera, check the sounds and perform the dance challenges for 2016.



You don’t know how hard it is to do a running man challenge on a wooden raft. I can hardly dance! Anyway, the song used in #RunningManChallenge is the Ghost Town DJ’s 1995 hit, My Boo. I wasn’t born on that year! Who would have thought that this song would have its comeback in the form of a challenge?



Dancing is our kind of reunion. So even in a birthday surprise visit for our friend, nothing can’t stop us from taking the dance challenges, not even the small dorm of the birthday girl. It’s actually timely because we’re having the #AfterPartyChallenge using the R&B hit song from R. Kelly, Ignition.



First and foremost, I want to apologize for being boisterous whenever I’m dancing. I just can’t help it. My high spirit automatically control my veins whenever I dance. Besides, I’m not a dancer. I’m merely having fun taking the dance challenges. #FettyWapChallenge, for your information, grooved with Z’s song, Nobody’s Better.



Hey boys! Let me steal this video from your Facebook account because it deserves to be featured in my blog. After all, you’re dancing without the presence of the rest of our group. But I must say that you, guys, are amazing! They’re taking the #JujuOnThatBeat challenge, by the way, using the 2004 Southern crunk anthem Knuck If You Buck.



Let’s give the spotlight on my beki friend here as he sings the famous pen-pineapple-apple-pen in public. Imagine! He’s doing this in a grocery store as we wait for my mother to finish shopping. Shame is definitely not found in this video. He’s just as crazy as Pikotaro, the one who created the single.

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