Crissa Campus Crush Wannabe

Crissa Campus Crush Wannabe

When I was in high school, every time my mother went home from malls in Manila or Calapan, I knew that her pasalubong will be blouses or jeans from Crissa, if not Bench. My mother really knows my favorite clothing brand. I admire how they make their design which is absolutely girly and attractive. I love how they choose the right fabric that will make the teens not just comfortable wearing them, but also charming and blooming. That’s why when I stepped into College in Manila, my blockmates noticed that I have numerous amount of clothes with this brand. And what’s my answer to their awe? I love Crissa!

Fun-loving, free-spirited, and fashionable, as says, Crissa is undisputedly the country’s most celebrated girls teens’ clothing brand. From its trend-right tops to its oh-so-perfect-fitting denims, you’ll never run out of choices from this brand. Aside from the clothes that they offer, I found out that they also provide fun activities such as Crissa Campus Dance Synergy for years and Crissa Campus Crush for months. How I wish to be one of these Monthly Campus Crush that will be featured in their social media accounts. But as for now, let me show you my Crissalicious blouses and denims.


crissa 2
© Allan Tubola

By the time when my mother bought this blouse, three fourth sleeve blouses are in the fashion it list. And when she checked out this blouse in Crissa, they have it! This just proves that this clothing brand is quick in following on what’s in. And this pink jeans is just one of my Crissa colored pants. I also have their version of blue, yellow and dark pink.


Crissa 1
© Allan Tubola

Apart from colored jeans, of course, a number of Crissa denims have their own place in my closet. I remember that this pants is chosen by yours truly. I love how the denim blends with a little touch of brown. As a result, it easy to pair it with this yellow blouse which is also from Crissa. Well, I can have this combination everywhere.


crissa 3
© Allan Tubola

As what I’ve said earlier, Crissa denims have their place in my closet. But this time, the color mixes stunningly with white and its size fits perfectly in my legs. This is why it can be paired to innumerable tops out there. And I picked one-out-of-N-number Crissa polo blouses I have. Honestly speaking, all of my polo blouses are from Crissa. You can visit me to prove that!


crissa 4
© Allan Tubola

If you think that the bottoms I only have from Crissa is pants, well, you’re wrong about that because my outfit for this time includes Crissa’s folded cropped pants which has lime green linings that touch amazingly onto it. I match this bottoms with a white sleeveless polo from Crissa. Its fabric may be thin but thick enough to hide my inside garments.


crissa 5
© Allan Tubola

My last pair includes my favorite white short from Crissa. Why? Why not? It is absolutely comfortable and refreshing to wear to the point that I am able to equip it as house clothes yet it is stylish so I can also use it outside. On the other hand, this plaid from Crissa allured me the most. Its colors, pink and violet, adds girlish effect to the blouse and to the wearer as well.


© Janecel Jamig
I planned to feature only five attires but I changed my mind. I guess, I have to share this last one also. Okay, here’s the story. We went to Crissa’s stall in SM Megamall Department Store to buy. Since my hands are impish, I saw this pair of shades and fell in love with it for the first time. The saleslady told us that we have to purchase 1500 pesos worth of clothes to get a free shades. What we did? We bought Crissa blouses for 4500 pesos so we will get three shades. That’s how we love it.

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