The Little Prince Movie Review

the little prince movie review

At first, I was wondering if I attended the right cinema or not because instead of a little prince, I was catching a story of a little girl, whose mother has big desire for her to be a grown-up with the best opportunities gripping this girl from the wants of her mother. Luckily, she met an old aviator, who happens to have the same spirit with the author of the book, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. So here comes The Little Prince as he introduced him to her! The girl’s intellectual and systematic journey turned into a magical and emotional one. And this is the moment where the little girl discovered her childhood, similar to my experience when I read the book.

Perhaps The Little Prince, the movie, isn’t the direct take on the fans of its book may be expecting, but with relaxed expectations, there’s exceptional artistry and profound meaning to examine. If the book is deep, then the movie is deeper. Since it is a movie mainly for kids, I just hope that they can manage to see the message at the end of this deep hole. But the good thing on movies is that when kids grow older, they can still watch it again just like what I did on the book. I read it when I was young, reread and reread after a couple of years and in my every reading session, the level of my understanding to the book increases. I hope that this will also happen to the kids this generation when they read and watch The Little Prince.

This animated adaptation is a very good-looking film that represents a brave attempt to do justice to a very popular book. It  accurately captures the book’s tender tone as it conveys Saint-Exupery’s simple, bittersweet and profound observations about life, though an adult-child fable. I truly admired the way it managed to maintain the messages that I love from classical to modern – growing up isn’t the problem, forgetting is, what is essential is invisible to the eye and it’s human connections that matter most, and that it is only with heart that one can see rightly.

The story line, the animations and the music complimented each other stunningly. The effort on the animations needed more than a round of applause. It’s like the original illustrations on the book are moving around the screen while we are motionless on our seats. The fox, the rose, the little prince himself – they are oh so cute! The sound is quite soft but I don’t think it’s the film’s problem anymore, but of the cinema. Hey SM Cinemas! Maybe I could appreciate even more if the sounds clearer.

I would like to end this review with an imperative sentence, or rather, word. Watch! Children and grown-ups who watch with their hearts will definitely be rewarded with a very sweet film. And I hope everyone who watched this will be good grown-ups, too, after.

the little prince

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