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I was thinking of an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind birthday gift for my mother. It’s a good thing that I have a Belle de Jour planner that offers discount coupons on shops, restaurants and hotels. This gave me an idea of spending my mother’s birthday in one of their partners, which is D’ Ace Plaza. With BDJ, I am entitled to a 2000 pesos discount on our chosen hotel room. Hey, that’s huge! But BDJ didn’t just granted me a discount but it also introduced a hotel that surely gives entertainment to its visitors. Who would not enjoy a hotel who has everything? By everything, I mean comforting rooms, enticing restaurants, relaxing water spa, elegant banquet, KTV bars, gym and breathtaking view of the metro.

Situated near the central business districts of Ortigas and Makati, Ace Hotel & Suites in Pasig City, Philippines is a first-class hotel epitomizing an exceptional combination of excellent service, modern technology, and urban lifestyle. It is, indeed, a choice destination providing utmost relaxation at the heart of vibrant Metro Manila. Deluxe accommodations and impressive leisure facilities are offered by the Ace Hotel & Suites. Each stands out with modern fittings, stylish and chic amenities, and a homelike ambience highlighting Filipino hospitality. In addition, the hotel houses a fully operational water spa, popular for its hydrotherapy massage, with multiple food & beverage dining options that are equally satisfying. Finally, completing the charm of Ace Hotel & Suites is its prime location. A mere 13 km from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, it is an ideal base for business or leisure, giving guests all the opportunity needed for an incredible city getaway.


I’m glad that they have hospitable and smiling employees from the managers to the housekeepers. Everyone nicely greeted, entertained and accompanied us from the day I called them to reserve a room to the day we checked out. They were also organized keeping their hotel guests on track.


Since we’re only two, I chose Deluxe Twin, a hotel room for this number of people. Even it’s the least expensive room, it has every basic thing a hotel guest needs. The beds are so soft that it invites me to just sleep during the entire visit.


I appreciate their way of owning the stuff inside the rooms such as this floor mat. As you can see, The bathroom fixtures were customized and marked with Ace. However, we smelled foul odor in our bathroom even though we haven’t use it yet.


D’ Ace Plaza features the first water spa in the Philippines, which consists of aquatic jets aimed to massage specific areas of the body for total relaxation. It has different facilities that provides soft, moderate and hard massages, herbal pools and more. My favorite spots are the lazy river, wherein I just enjoyed floating, and the jet chair with foot massage.


I’m so happy that Ace came up to this idea. I was surprised that the building hides a soothing treasure such as that. However, there are few things that Ace should somehow fix. First, the space is not enough for the weekend crowd. When we came in, almost all of the facilities were occupied and we have to wait for them to get finish. Also, some of the start button of these facilities are not functioning.


Since cameras are not allowed inside the water spa and there’s no other way I can capture the moment wearing my suit, I just took a selfie in one of the cubicles in the shower room. By the way, the photo of the water spa above was taken in  Ace Coffee Lounge, which is located beside it.


I would also like to inform my readers that Ace Water Spa also has a branch in Quezon City. I’m so happy I tried both branches. But I would say that the Ace in Pasig City has better lobby while the Ace in Quezon City has better pool. I don’t know if it is just because of the crowd but the water spa in Quezon City seems more spacious. The start buttons of the spas there are all functioning, too.


On the eighth floor rests the hotel’s sky garden steakhouse. We didn’t got the chance to taste their steaks but we had our buffet breakfast in this place. I took this photo when we visited the garden in our afternoon stay that’s why you can only see that one girl. Hello there!


Here comes the garden itself. And there’s only one thing I can say about it – Beautiful! Typhoon Karen was also here so it wasn’t really the best time to visit. But rain can’t stop me from going to lovely places such as this. In fact, I modeled Kipling right in this spot.


Aside from the Sky Garden Steakhouse, Ace has more restaurants at the building’s penthouse and ground floor. Ace Coffee Lounge is there. Ace International Buffet is there. Persian Grill is there. Figaro is there. But for the dinner, after we dipped ourselves in water spa, we chose to dine in Ace Coffee Lounge. We ordered shabu-shabu, salmon and fries. And I must say that this is the epitome of good food. Even though they focus mainly on hotel services, they ensure that their restaurants is included in being four-star.


There are more amenities to see but our 24 hours stay couldn’t compress them all. We hadn’t entered the Sky High Bar because we were really tired that night. After all, we already have a 360 view of the metro in our condo. We also didn’t experience their KTV because it’s pricey. And there’s no occasion to attend to get in their banquet. But I’m dreaming of celebrating one of my birthdays there. Nevertheless, even though we didn’t experienced it all and we only have 24 hours in D’ Ace Plaza, it was indeed a remarkable experience. I left the place smiling from ear to ear and thinking when to come back. I truly recommend this place for those who wish to check in a hotel here in Metro Manila.

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