Life Hacks For Wearers

I’m no expert when it comes to fashion but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to share the clothing hacks I know because we all encounter wardrobe malfunction and fashion expert or not, we have the ability to find the solution for that. So instead of throwing your shoes, buying a new pair of jean or replacing your tees that are damaged, stained or ripped, why don’t you try these life hacks for wearers I discovered in my every day living.

But first, here’s a number of bonus hacks for you. If you want to remove certain stains dyed in your clothes, read Secret Weapons in Removing Stains. If you want to avoid damages in your clothing, read Clothing Care Symbols. They are in separate posts.


1. I hate it when I see lose threads in my clothes. I even blame our laundress for carelessly washing them. I know anger can’t solve the problem but I’m glad that razor and masking tape can. Just let those blades run on the fluff of the fabric and clean them out using masking tape. Problem solved!


2. Aside from lose threads, masking tape, or actually other types of tape, can also remove our pet’s hair that sticks to our black clothes. As I said in my blog post, Problems Only Dog Owners Understand, furs are clinging everywhere, including clothes. That’s why tape is a necessity for us, pet owners.


3. One time, the button of my pants accidentally broke. It’s a good thing that my pants was kinda big for me that time so I was wearing a belt. Then, I discovered that the belt can keep my pants in place even though the button is broken. From then on, I use belts when wearing pants with broken buttons even the pair fits my waist perfectly.


4. Speaking of belts, you can refrain from wearing them if you buy the right size of bottoms. And in finding the right size for you, it is not necessary to fit them in the fitting room. You can fit it around your neck or check if its size is the same as your arm from fist to elbow. Trust me. They’re the same as your waist.


5. On the other hand, if the problem is on the zipper and not on the button, perhaps, the ring of your keys can be the answer. All you have to do is to affix the ring to the zipper, close the zipper, hook the ring to the button above and close your pants using the button. Loose zippers will never be a problem again.


6. I found this hack when I was about to sell my shoes. It says that you can use baking powder to remove the bad odors of your shoes by sprinkling the powder inside and leaving it there overnight. Well, it really does work. However, it leaves white marks on the insole of the shoes and dry them out.


7. Good news for all the sneaker heads out there! Now, you won’t deal with wet and muddy shoes anymore because there’s a hack that allows you to waterproof your shoes! Covering your pair of shoes with beeswax or candle wax and melting them with blow dryer will surely allow you to do so.


8. Have you tried restringing your shorts or your hoodie? I did! And it took forever for me to insert that string back to its place until I discovered that straw can actually help. Straw can serve as a needle and as a sturdy base to keep the string moving until the end of the fabric. Tape can also work though if you don’t have a straw with you.


9. A while ago, I was cleaning my closet and I noticed that my dresses, especially those having smooth fabrics, slip off its hanger. After an hour thinking, I finally got an idea. Since rubber can remove friction, I thought of putting my elastic bonds on both ends of the hanger before placing in my clothes. Guys, it worked!


10. Do you want to make your leather shoes shiny, shimmering and splendid again like brand new but you don’t have Kiwi or any other shoe polish with you? Well, that’s not really a problem as long as you have there your moisturizer. I tell you it can be a good alternative.

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