Basic Facial Experience In Medico Global

Basic Facial Experience In Medico Global

The doctor who took charge of me asked where I take my facial services frequently. So I answered it honestly with a “nothing” because I never experienced facial treatment. She was overwhelmed by the fact that I entrusted my face to them since it is my first time. But I forgot to tell them that I am also glad that I entrusted my first facial treatment to Medico Global. It was all worth it!

Living by the motto “Your overall health is our concern”, Medico Global is a medical and skin care clinic which provides medical consultation and minor surgeries and offers facial services, microdermabrasion, specialty services like allergology, cardiology and dermatology and special procedures like acne peeling, mole removal, laser tattoo removal, laser circumcision, botox and many more. I have never seen a clinic with lots of specialty like Medico Global.

Going back to my facial treatment experience, I was expecting that I am going to undergo needles on my skin or whatsoever pain. But what I felt was the other way round – no irritations. I greatly enjoyed how the massaging equipment they use rolls in my face. Wait. Is that an equipment or the hands of the doctor? I don’t know, but all I know is that it is very relaxing. What I love about this treatment center is the fact that the doctors are friendly and hospitable. Apart from that, Medico Global gives customers high qualified and trained professionals and doctors suitable for their needs.

When we say treatment center, then the question is “Is that effective?” Oh yes! See, smoother texture, proper hydration, a glowing complexion and firmer skin – these are what I got! With matching wind effect, I felt confident as I left the clinic. For the other treatments, I heard reviews from the customers that the said clinic is doing good. That is why I recommend Medico Global. Thanks Mr. Louell Samaco, president of Medico Global for giving me such a lovely basic facial experience.

before treatment


basic facial 1


basic facial 5


basic facial 2


basic facial 3


basic facial 4


equipments 2




medico global


medico global 1




medico global people

Medico Global is located at 58 Bayani Road, Equator Compound, Western Bicutan, Taguig. For more information, you can visit

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