OOTD: Powers Of Amor

ootd powers of amor

Even though Pangako Sa’yo, a primetime soap opera series in the Philippines, has come to an end already, the memories, or I shall call, powers, of the cast, including Amor Powers, remain in the mind of the viewers, even their fashion lines! Last night, a pageant was held in my hometown as we celebrate its 100th year. I’m so grateful to be part of the centennial anniversary of the Pinamalayan as I served as one of the board of judges for the said pageant, Mutya ng Pinamalayan 2016. My directors-slash-managers picked this sophisticated piece by Jamie Go. Thanks Simon Peter Abel and Lito Napolitano for dressing me up last night, btw. Wearing pure white jumpsuit and jewelries, guess what the crowd called me. Amor Powers! Indeed, they can’t get enough of the iconic Amor Powers.

© Chavit Zulueta
© Chavit Zulueta

In this photo, I’m with my greatest rival, Claudia Buenavista. Of course, I’m kidding! She’s too charming to be Claudia. But seriously, I have Oriental Mindoro’s Miss Tourism 2015 with me. She is so beautiful, isn’t she? Going back to my OOTD, for those who don’t know although it is very unlikely to happen, Amor Powers, played by one of my idols in Philippine Showbiz, Jodi Sta. Maria, is a lowly maid of a rich family, the Buenavistas, who is in love with the son, Eduardo Buenavista. Experiencing the cruelty of Doña Benita Buenavista, the mother, her love for Eduardo will be crushed by greed, forcing her to live a life of misery and an endless search for revenge. Her famous statement, “Matitikman ninyo ang batas ng isang api!” is listed in my list of top Hugot Lines From Pinoy TV Series. When she started her revenge, she also started wearing white,a color that exude her strong personality. I was totally curious on how close my aura is to Amor Powers last night so I searched the net. I was surprised to see that we have almost the same garments here.

dress like amor powers of pangako sayo

If you were a true follower of Pangako Sa’yo every night during its release, you probably spotted Amor Powers wearing stylish ensembles that marks her identity, making it only a snap for us to have an OOTD: Powers Of Amor just like what I did. Remember that the key is white and classy. And don’t forget to add accessories and makeup as plain as possible. Speaking of makeup, how I love my hair and makeup last night which is formed by the hands of Dennis Basilan. Thank you very much!

Jamie Go jumpsuit


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