Steps On Making Devotionals

Do what it says

God wants to change your life through his Word. He wants the application not interpretation. Making devotionals involve taking a passage of God’s Word, the Bible, large or small, and prayerfully meditating on it. You must wait until the Holy Spirit teaches you on how to apply those Words on your own life. Your application must be personal, practical, possible, and provable. Your main goal in making devotionals is take God’s Word seriously and “do what it says.”


1. Pray


Every devotional, you will pray:

“Almighty Father, I will always give you honor and praise. Lord, help me to apply your Word I am meditating and show me specifically what youwant me to do. I am ready to obey what you will show me and I am willing to share this application to others.


2. Meditate


You take a thought God gives you, put it in your mind, and think it over and over again. You must write them down in your notebook/journal.


3. Apply


Write an application of the truths you have discovered through your meditation. You application must be:

  1. Personal – You should write it in the first person singular pronoun.
  2. Practical – It must be something you can do. It must be specific.
  3. Possible – It must be something you know you can accomplish.
  4. Provable – It has to be measurable.


  1. Personal – “I need to…”
  2. Practical – “I need to lose some weight.”
  3. Possible – “I need to lose 10 pounds.”
  4. Provable – “I need to lose 10 pounds before the end of the month.”


4. Memorize


Write out the memory verse you plan to learn. Memorize it. It must be the verse that left strong impact on you while meditating.

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