Beauty And The Bestie Movie Review

beauty and the bestie movie review

I remember last MMFF, people were arguing on which is the better film – Star Cinema’s Beauty and the Bestie or GMA Films’ My Bebe Love. Frankly, they are both not fine. But let’s focus more on all time’s Filipino highest grossing film up to this point.

The creators of Beauty and the Bestie were also the creators of Wang Fam, the movie where I was involved, so they know me personally. I just hope that they find the positive side of this review when they see this. I wish that they’ll still get me after reading this.

Beauty and the Bestie was pure entertainment without thinking where the story will lead to. It feels like I’m in a comedy bar or I’m in Showtime studio watching their segment, Sine Mo ‘To or I’m at home viewing a two-hour gag show. The punchlines may be funny but not witty at all. Is making fun of others a witty move? It is an old chestnut and the jokes are predictable. And it’s an action film, right? Then why don’t they make any effort on upgrading the motion picture? Ugh! I don’t know.

I believe Wenn Deramas can do more than this considering his Tanging Ina Mo movies. Vice Ganda is a great comedian – the reason why he gained the fame he has now. Coco Martin is a talented actor. His awards prove that. Jadine, on the other hand, is getting better and better when it comes to acting. What am I trying to say? All of them and their abilities do not deserve a movie like this. I know, silly movies produce money because of Filipinos’ mentality and shallow happiness, but our movie industry needs the sensible ones with high quality and outstanding story line. Oh poor Philippines!

I’ll end this here because I think I have nothing good to say.

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