Coach: 75 Years Of Craftsmanship And Style


The original American house of leather has come a long way now since this year, they are celebrating their diamond anniversary. I can’t believe that Coach exemplified craftsmanship and style for 75 years already since their bags, wallets, purses and accessories just pass on my hand without knowing its background and its brand’s story. All I know is my love for Coach. I love how their leather goods carry quality. I love how their designs transform over the years. I love how sophistication touched the leathers. That’s why you can see the Coach logo all over my closet and my mom’s closet. That’s also why you are here on my page viewing my favorite Coach products.

Coach or Coach, Inc. is an American luxury fashion company based in New York City. The company is known for accessories and gifts for women and men, including bags, small leather goods, footwear, outerwear, watches, travel accessories, scarves, eyeglasses, fragrance, jewelry, and other accessories. But since they’re mainly producing handbags, that’s what you’ll see here with me. Well, honestly, that’s the only Coach product I have. My mother and I have lots of it though.




Oh! I forgot to include something. I mentioned the things I love about Coach on the first paragraph, right? Well, there’s another one. I love how they put effort on their bag detail by detail. It may not be seen clearly in my photos but the stitching is neat and the pattern lines up even under the seam. With this, it’s obvious to determine which is fake or not because fake Coach bag makers don’t have effort and materials as much as and as good as Coach, Inc.




There’s one bad thing I hate about Coach bags. Since it’s so beautiful, popular and somehow affordable compared to other luxury bags, I’ve seen maybe five or six ladies which has this design. It’s a good thing I didn’t used mine when I saw them wearing this. My friend who went to Toronto told me her Coach story. One time, she rode in a subway and estimated that half of the girls inside were wearing Coach bags. Well, I think that’s a good news for Coach, Inc.




Shocks! All my Coach bags featured here has their signature monogram C. I just realize it by now. Am I that addicted to this design of theirs? I’m not really a fan of their monogram but their leather, is another story. I have numerous Coach leather goods that doesn’t have it. It just so happens that my favorites has it. Talking about their leather types, I find them really well-made. Coach, Inc. is the original American house of leather and still, no one beats it.




If you are asking if the only Coach bags I have here are black and brown, my answer would be no. I admit that most Coach bags I have are in those colors but hey, I have red here. The reason why I mentioned the color is its attraction to me. When I first saw it, I immediately told myself that I should have this. Aside from that, I admire its durability. I used this bag for one straight month for in a travel and it’s still alive.




I didn’t intend to capture my Coach wallet upside down. I just want it to stand and it stood that way. Anyway, it’s still elegant no matter what side or angle we view it. And oh! You have to see the inside. It’s very organized with or without stuff. Even though it seems small, it’s actually enough to keep my phone, cards, money and other essential things into it. Plus, it suits every outfit I wear and it’s flexible in any occasion I attend.

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