Geode Nail Art

We, girls, have to admit that we’re obsessed on having crystals on our hands. We wear jewelries designed with crystals to achieve this kind of look. However, wearing accessories are not that handy anymore. It can take our time in our mornings when we equip it. It can harm us from snatchers. There is also a possibility that you’ll misplace it. With all these facts, I suggest that you put crystals on your hand by painting your nails instead of wearing accessories. Geode nail art will take care of that. Note that you can change the colors so you can have your own design of crystal.


1. Prepare your nails. Clean it. Trim it. Buff it. Anything you want to do for it to get ready for its new look.


2. In this nail art, we’re going to paint a lot of colors. Start with the first color you want. It’s better if the first color is light. For me it’s orange.


3. Apply the second color. For me it’s green.


4. Make sure that your nails are dry when you put the third color. It’s seafoam green this time for me.


5. Then apply another color again. Blue looks good.


6. Actually, you can put as many colors as you want but I ended mine with black.


7. File your nail polish so the color on top will diminish but not completely. Do this until the color you first applied can be seen. This will give your nails a geode effect.


8. Furnish it with a top coat.


9. Enjoy the new geology-inspired look of your nails.

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