Curling Hair With Paper

Apart from curling with nothing, one way of curling that we do in high school is curling with paper. Just like it, I thought that this way is known in the fashion world since I opened my eyes with it already existing. But then, it’s not in the internet so I assume that I will be the first one the share this technique in social media. After all, papers, especially scratch papers, can be a great alternative to heat and all those tools used for curling because first, it is one way of recycling and second, it absolutely makes beautiful curls. Honestly, this is my favorite way of curling my hair because I can feel the tight grip of the paper on my hair ensuring me that the outcome will be winsome. Are you ready to be a Medusa for tonight to be a princess tomorrow? You’ll know what I mean later.


1. Prepare your papers, preferable scratch papers.


2. Roll them horizontally.


3. Fix your hair as you get ready for your new hair style.


4. Divide your hair into portions so it will be easier for you to curl. Tie one portion up leaving first portion down.


5. Get one strand from the untied hair.


6. Roll its tip around the rolled paper.


7. And continue rolling it upward.


8. Knot the rolled paper to lock it.


9. Do the same thing on the rest of the untied hair strands.


10. Untie the second portion of hair.


11. Do the same process until everything is rolled and tied. Leave it for an hour but I left mine overnight for stronger curls.


12. After an hour or on the next day, untie the rolled papers and carefully remove them from your locks.


13. From a Medusa to a princess, you can now enjoy your curls.

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