Dubsmash Pa More!

dubsmash pa more

So what’s new and viral in the internet world? Dubsmash! Dubsmash pa more, netizens! There’s no single day that I didn’t see one in my news feed. Everyone can’t get enough of it as we can see in Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites. Even Filipinos, they didn’t let the trend pass away. It rocks our country! This just shows how jolly and happy and of course, talented and artistic we are.┬áIt’s crazy. It’s edgy. Its very addictive. Even local and foreign celebrities are hooked into this video selfie app. So if you feel that you have this celebrity-like talent hidden somewhere inside you, well, it’s time to put your shyness away. It’s time for Dubsmash!


Hi I’m Cat Valentine Dubsmash


Nakakaloka Dubsmash


Chandelier Dubsmash


Hoy Babaeng Sinungaling Dubsmash


You Make Me Feel So High Dubsmash


Mommy Dionisia’s Wrecking Ball Dubsmash


Hermione Granger Dubsmash


Walang Sayo Nicole Dubsmash


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