Problems Only Dog Owners Understand


When you own a dog, it means that he is already part of the family. Well, you should treat them as one and not only as your guard because they don’t deserve to be your servant. Their cuteness deserve something more which is as precious as them. However, like being a typical family member, like being a mother, daughter, sibling, housewife and such, dog owners, who are considered as mothers or fathers of this furry family member, also encounter struggles in relation to position in the family. Your parents can’t leave you even you’re a pain in the ass, right? The same goes with dogs owners. We can’t leave them even though we encounter problems with them. And love is enough reason why we still keep them. So since we’re talking about dog owners and their struggles, here are the problems only dog owners understand.


1. The major problem of dog owners that makes my mother shout on the pups is their biting habit. You know dogs. Every single thing seems like a bone to them, especially wall corners, wooden table stands and slippers. In fact, each of our dogs have their own Havaianas flip flops destroyed. How can I wear this now?



2. Next to their teeth, the most dangerous part of their body is their nails. Whenever I get home wearing shorts, I am always welcomed by my happy jumping dogs who unintentionally scratch my legs. I just ignore it because I’m glad seeing them cheerful. Nonetheless, we have to be careful on their scratches because it may bring rabies.



3. The next thing sounds gross but gosh, I already lived with it. Furs are everywhere! They’re clinging on the clothes and couch. They’re scattered on the floor like hair balls. They’re flying freely. They’re even included when I take my food. Of course, I remove then when I feel them already.



4. Want something grosser than dog hairs on food? Well, then, here’s a trivia. Do you know that our pets also have their own pets with them? Yes! They’re commonly called dog lice. But hey, I don’t let that thing on my food anymore. However, they’re almost everywhere, too, because they’re falling from the mutt’s bodies.



5. This is not my problem but our housekeeper’s problem. Nevertheless, I know how hard it is to bathe dogs because I tried it once. After that, I didn’t attempt to take them in the shower because they’re running away from the water. In this photo, I only pointed bidet spray on my dog and he’s already barking at it or at me. He looks funny though.



6. Sometimes, I walk my dogs around the town. However, when I hold their harness, they sometimes go on the wrong way so my tendency is to pull them. Well, it’s alright if I’m only pulling a Maltese or a Shih Tzu, but I’m carrying these three Alaskan Malamutes whose weight is heavier than mine. I just wish myself good luck whenever they do this.



7. Dogs are like babies! Sometimes they want to be carried especially when they’re terrified to go up or down the stairs. Again, it’s alright if I’m carrying toy dogs, but my Alaskan Malamute, who has a hip dysplasia, can’t go up or down by herself so I have to lift her up. I hope she knows that she is heavy to be carried.



8. Sometimes, when I’m sitting or lying, my dog will also lie on parts of my body like on my shoulder or stomach or foot. The problem occurs when I have to stand. But how can I move if my love is calmly sleeping on me. I don’t want to disturb him but I have to work. Oh I’m always torn between these two choices.



9. The loud barks of the dogs are totally helpful because it’s like a living doorbell. It also let us know if there are strangers outside the house. But if it is too much and they’re only barking without any reason, men, it’s disturbing. We have an aggressive Pomeranian here and he doesn’t get tired barking at anyone.


10. We can’t resist their cuteness! I know there’s no problem with that. But if we have to do something and leave them for a while, they’ll look at us with their puppy eyes causing us to pet them further. Apart from that, if we want to scold them, we almost can’t because their adorable faces fade our anger away. Oh yes, this is how we love our furbabies.


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