Dumb Ways To Love Book Review

Dumb Ways to Love book review

“Binasa mo iyan dahil King din ang last name ng author.”

“Tanga ka ba sa pag-ibig?”

“Mahilig ka sa Dumb Ways to Die, ano?”

Can I just laugh for a moment? Okay, done, well, these are just some of the statements I heard from my friends while the book’s cover were facing them as I read the book, Dumb Ways to Love. And none of them got the right answer on why I read the book. Before grabbing this book, I thought Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks are only about erotic stories that’s why I don’t take time just to notice it. But maybe this one is not because as I can see on its cover and its caption at the back, there’s no hint that its something like that. So an idea popped in my mind – why don’t I give Precious Hearts Romances a try, right?

Whenever I see its title, the application, Dumb Ways to Die is always the first thing I remember. But I doubt that these two can be connected since the app is for fun and the book is a serious love story. Gosh! I was wrong. I can’t believe that a love story will be formed through the concept of Dumb Ways to Die that is called Dumb Ways to Love. As what the leading man, Tazmania, said, he is playing the game and Odie, the leading lady, is the character in the game. One wrong move and the character will die. The idea is so brilliant! It’s my first time to hear such. Odie even had a list of ways on how she will do suicide obscurely. Things are getting interesting from this point. I even folded the page where the list was printed so that I can easily track what dumb way to die is going to perform next by Odie.

So what can I say? At last, I found a professional author who writes Filipino novel! Perhaps, it’s just me because I’m used to Wattpad stories wherein professional and unprofessional and frustrated writers joined together in there. But no matter what, we can’t still deny that the Luna King’s professionalism can be seen behind the texts of the book. First of all, it’s not cliche. I rarely see a love story between a suicidal girl and her savior. Second, the author knows how to leave her readers hanging at the end of each chapter. I was about to sleep when I finished chapter four, but the scene when Taz saved Odie in the MRT station left me curious. Questions like why-did-he-hug-her kept bothering me. So that night, I ended up continuing the book and just stopped at the middle of the chapter when my questions were answered so that I won’t be hung again. Third, unlike Wattpad stories that have exaggerated scenes though I know that they’re for entertainment purposes, Dumb Ways to Die is so realistic, well except for Odie’s decision of suicide. Did it come to her mind that her death will still be known as suicide because she can’t bring her notebook, which is a proof, with her when she die if ever unless her family decided to bury it with her? Uhmm, sorry for that long question. Maybe that’s just mistake of Odie or the author perhaps. But leaving that behind, the story is still sensible which proves that readers can still be entertained and moved through real events. Oh may I just add, the names are so cool. Great job!

Dumb Ways to Love

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