Thirty Facts About Me

30 facts about me

Here are few random tidbits about me. The first ten can be seen on my very first post, Ten Facts About Me while the second ten are posted on Twenty Facts About Me.


21. I had my first boyfriend when I was 13. Now that I’m 18, we’re still together.

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22. My grade school uniform is color yellow. Actually, it was color white but they changed it to yellow when I was in grade 4.

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23. The main switch of our house in my permanent address is in my own bedroom because back then, my room was our living room.

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24. I was elected as class president from grades four to ten.

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25. November was my first account password. It was given by my brother since he was the one who made my social accounts when I didn’t know how. Don’t you dare try opening my accounts using that password because my current password is a lot farther than that.

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26. The first novel I read is Twilight.

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27. I was a student lector in our church when I was in high school.

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28. My family once had a condo unit in Binondo. I lived there for a year.

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29. I had a perfect attendance in school from grades four to eight. When I was in grade nine, I had a really bad fever which broke the record.

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30. Today, I celebrate my second year in blogging. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for your support and please keep reading.

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