Famous Dialogues From Pinoy TV Series

Hugot Lines from Pinoy Movies, check! Hugot Lines from Pinoy TV Series, check! Unforgettable Lines from Pinoy Movies, check! Unforgettable Lines from Pinoy TV Series, check! Famous Dialogues from Pinoy Movies, check! To complete the list and to give tribute to all the Filipino film makers, directors, scriptwriters and actors, let’s give a little time and attention to a piece of their greatest masterwork through sharing the famous dialogues from Pinoy TV series.


Maging Sino Ka Man

maging sino ka man

Of all the love teams that exists in this country, it’s the John-Lloyd-Bea tandem that gives me the kilig thing the most. They’re timeless! They’re the best! I can see sparks between them in all their romantic scenes, including this one from Maging Sino Ka Man. Don’t be contented in reading their conversation above. You have to watch it in Youtube or somewhere and you’ll see that I’m telling the truth.


Pangako Sa’yo

pangako sayo

A pair of strong slaps plus short yet defiant stanzas of lines is equal to a blockbuster scene! Actually, the scene was just a simple slapping scene with lines howled at each other, but because of emotions seen in the character’s faces, it became a memorable dialogue of all time even it’s a 2002 TV series. However, here they come again with a new version from Angelica Panganiban and Jodi Sta. Maria. I bet it will also be on fire.




If we witnessed love quarrel on our first example and fierce face-off on the second, here is a romantic talk between Lyka and Noah of Lobo. Look at the photo and they’re so sweet. What more if we watch it with animation and sounds just like what teleseryes do. To add on that, it’s Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual who are giving colors to these characters. I already expected that this scene will be remembered.


Temptation of Wife

temptation of wife

Let’s go back to those cat fights because a teleserye wouldn’t be a hit without them. These cat fights release the boring-being of a show. Like in reality, we won’t be the person who we are without the antagonists of our life. And speaking of antagonists, Glaiza de Castro showed her evil side in this scene against Marian Rivera but it turned out to be funny. Oh yes, it’s a drama but her revelation of pretending to be pregnant was quite crazy.




If you want war, I’ll give you war in person of Gretchen Barretto who played as Veronica. I must say that is what we call the girls’ fight with certain class and fierceness that you can’t find in any other teleserye. Come on, it’s Gretchen Barretto and Angel Aquino who shares the moment on TV that’s why we’re sure that it scene will be perfectly made. And oh, I love that laugh from Vera. Very classy!


Iisa Pa Lamang

iisa pa lamang

We recently talked about the conversation created by a quarter of Barretto sisters. Let’s now put the spotlight on the other quarter, the beautiful Claudine Barretto together with Angelica Panganiban. It started with a court interaction between Scarlet and Catherine until the two women shouted labels at each other. But at the end, Catherine got the crown when she said “Desperate Housewife from hell!”


Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay

kay tagal kang hinintay

I may not reached the time when this teleserye showed up, but I gave it a space in this article so that quite old people have an entry here. And again, this was my mother’s entry. She said that even Lorna Tolentino and John Estrada wasn’t really together, the two made their viewers love their tandem because of their effective acting like the way they look in each other’s eyes.




GMA televiewers surely knows this clash from Impostora and I believe some of them memorized the lines. Hello? This notorious fight is too big to be ignored. The words are intensely uttered. The emotions are angrily showed. And what I admire is that the fight is between a Sunshine Dizon and another Sunshine Dizon. Nothing beats a chaos that comes from a wedding.

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