Fifty Shades Book Review

fifty shades book review

Some say Fifty Shades is all about love. Others say that the trilogy is all about lust. I don’t know what to believe so I planned to read and examine it myself. Well, I won’t really judge it the way movie critics do since I’m no expert. I’ll just write what a normal reader views about it. I’m telling you this because honestly, it’s a challenge for me to make a review, not just on a simple book, but on a best-selling work of a professional and I’m kinda scared. That’s why I rarely make reviews on foreign books. But this time, I want to take the challenge because my admiration on the story forces me to do so.

I think there’s no need to elaborate the summary since it is already known by many that it’s more about BDSM between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. After all, I’ll cite some events in this review. But shocks! I don’t know how to start this. Maybe book by book? Okay then!

I noticed that the start of the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, has some characteristics of a Wattpad story. If not because of the BDSM parts, some scenes are cliché – an almost perfect guy falling in love with an ordinary girl, the guy keeping in control of the girl although Fifty Shades’ was on purpose, the guy saving the girl from a rude man in a pub, a mother showing up unexpectedly, a romantic eye contact after the guy caught the girl from slipping and a lot more. Actually, I listed them all while reading but I lost it in the bus when I was on my way to Manila and what I have mentioned are the scenes I remembered. I also observed that the choice of words is repeating. And for some reason, this book also reminds me of Twilight.

Moreover, I want to ask why the author concluded Fifty Shades of Grey like that. The couple was so happy and in an abrupt moment, Anastasia left Christian. The question why Christian is the way he is was left unsolved. There is no proper ending! I mean there is but it’s more like the climax of the story so I didn’t felt any. I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe I just hate cliffhangers. Isn’t there a rule for trilogy books that each book should have a conclusion and a resolution? What if I finished reading the first book and the second book isn’t published yet or is out of stocks? Probably, it won’t let me sleep if that happens. I won’t leave the two separated! I want answers! But why am I so affected? Does the impact of this book on me too much? I even find myself biting my lower lip without knowing.

I’m glad that the second book, Fifty Shades of Darker, was closed well. By closed well, I mean Ana and Christian were happy together. Apart from that, it has full surprises from the scene where Leila, one of past subs of Christian, was in Ana’s apartment with a gun, to the scene where Christian confesses why he is a dominant to brunettes like Ana to the not-the-most-romantic proposal of Christian to the hearts-and-flower proposal of Christian. I didn’t see these kinds of revelations coming.

However, even though this book is full of it, I perceived that the problems the two encountered were brief. When Christian was missing, when Leila came to their life, when Kate knew about the contract, when Ana saw photos of the former subs of Christian, when Anna was naked in public, when Ray was in an accident, when Ana saved Mia from Jack – they were easily solved! It’s like I was in a roller coaster. As I go up, the intensity of the problem builds up, too. And when I’m on top, it swiftly falls until I find myself on the flat surface again. Problem solved! But I guess it didn’t decrease the thrill because the roller coaster has many loops. The book has many problems. When one finishes, another one will form. Fifty Shades of Darker is definitely my favorite book among the three.

Actually, there’s nothing much to tell about Fifty Shades of Freed since the challenges here were not as intense as the previous book, well, except for the latter part which I found rushed and rough. Is the author excited to end the book? I was also excited for it, too. I was excited for the wedding, the honeymoon and the baby! But what fulfilled my anticipation the most was the Meet Fifty Shades chapter. It retells the story from Christian’s perspective! I wish to read more but I won’t buy a book that has same story.

Although the whole story is erotic, if we dig deeply into it, we’ll see that it is all about love. It tells how a man like Christian, a dominant, falls in love. And as what most love stories do to me, it brought me kilig during highs and tears during lows. Furthermore, I must say that the author really knows what she is writing. This masterpiece of hers truly deserves the position it has now.


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