How To Make Filipino Almond and Graham Fruit Curd

I was just experimenting recipes using the ingredients in our cupboard and without minding, I made a crema de fruta today. Crema de fruta is the Filipino version of fruit curd. And due to my experimentation, I was able to put a twist on what I am making from crema de fruta to graham crema de fruta, which is also a craze, to almond and graham crema de fruta. For your information, crema de fruta is a popular dessert in the Philippines. Some Filipinos substitute graham crackers or graham crumbs instead of sponge cake to eliminate the need of baking. But in this tweaked recipe, we’re going to add almonds. Scroll down to know how.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes graham crust, almond powder, cornstarch, sugar, condensed milk, egg yolk, fruit cocktail, cubed gulaman and water.


2. Mix a cup of condensed milk and a cup of water.


3. In a pan on heat, combine five tablespoon of cornstarch and two and a half tablespoon of sugar.


4. Gradually pour the wet mixture into the pan and cook until it thickens.


5. Add the two beaten egg yolks.


6. After two minutes, release it from heat and let it cool.


7. While cooling, drain the fruit cocktail and keep both the fruits and the juice.


8. Add two tablespoon of fruit cocktail juice in every five tablespoon of graham crust.


9. The same measurement goes with the almond powder.


10. Let’s get this crema de fruta started. Begin the first layer of either almond powder or graham crust.


11. Add the milk mixture on top of it.


12. Drop tidbits of fruits.


13. On the third layer, place almond powder or graham crust.


14. Continue the layering procedure.


15. End with either almond powder or graham crust.


16. And on the top, place the cubed gulaman. I prefer the store-bought cubed gulaman rather than the gulaman that needs cooking because it’s easier. You’ll drop it in there.


17. Top it with few tidbits of fruits.


18. Your almond and graham crema de fruta is now done and ready to be eaten.

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