Breakfast In The Afternoon With IHOP


One time, we attended an event for Rotary in Filinvest Alabang. Program started at six and we came early at about two in the afternoon, I think. We haven’t eaten our breakfast and lunch so we decided to look for a good restaurant near the place. We found ourselves in an avenue of food establishments. Along the way, they let me choose where to eat. We passed Jollibee and McDonald’s which were standing side by side. We don’t travel to another city just to eat in fast food chains. We passed Project Pie. I love Project Pie but we already ate there. Besides, pizza is not enough for our appetite that day. I pointed the next restaurant indicating that we’re going to eat there. I’m sorry for the story but I just wanted to share how I’ve been longing for IHOP’s dine experience and how I was able to get that experience. How touching!

Kidding aside, as what the acronym means, International House of Pancakes offers pancakes and other breakfast items that customers can eat whether in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Breakfast in IHOP chooses no time unless it is going to close for the night. But the point is the fact that IHOP is willing to serve and willing to provide us the best breakfast at any time of the day with a smile.

As of now, we’ve only been to IHOP’s branches in MOA and Filinvest Alabang and the two branches seems different.


Double Blueberry Pancakes


Since we’re taking our brunch here, I ordered one for each meal, which will be shown after this. But after finishing the two meals, I felt that something’s missing. Snack! It’s a good thing we called the waiter back to order double blueberry pancakes for my snack, or else, I won’t be able to savor and discover my newest favorite pancake ever. The pancake itself, even without toppings or syrup, can stand on its own! But since the four flavors of their maple syrup is inviting, I had fun mixing in matching them with my blueberry.


New York Cheesecake Pancakes


As I said, I saw difference between IHOP in MOA and IHOP in Filinvest, especially when it comes to pancakes. Months after we discovered IHOP, we went to their branch in MOA hoping to have the delectable experience same as before. We tried New York Cheesecake Pancakes this time. But sadly, we witnessed a dry and unfluffy pancake. It’s obvious that the pancakes in their branch in Filinvest is better, but not by much since its berries and whipped cream, which went well with the pancake, are here to save the day.


Strawberry Banana French Toast


It’s obvious that we love strawberry, isn’t it? Well, aside from that, I love how they decorate their creation with those pink berries along with sliced bananas and whipped cream. It gave me a nice photo. In fact, I’m now thinking if I should post this on Instagram or not. Anyway, the food presentation makes it appetizing in the eyes although the french toasts are actually soggy. Nevertheless, soggy or not, their french toast is surprisingly delicious.


Waffle Burger


I understand that IHOP wants to try going outside of their delicacy that’s why they are also serving entrees, pastas, burgers and such. What I don’t understand is why it isn’t working. I mean, they’re not as good as their breakfast items. Take this burger as an example. I like the idea of combining the two concepts by using waffle instead of bun for this burger. The waffle really good. But the dry patty, which made the whole thing boring, ruined it all. And there’s no condiments to somehow improve it.


Broccoli Cheese Omelette


Going back to my three-meal-at-once adventure in Filinvest, I had their Broccoli Cheese Omelette. I was really craving for omelette at that time so right after the waiter handed us the menu, I immediately look for their omelettes. Shocks! There’s so many choices! I’m torn between their Hearty Ham & Cheese Omelette and their Bacon Temptation Omelette. But I ended up having their Broccoli Cheese Omelette. There’s only one thing to say. Cravings satisfied! Oh my! I’m craving again! Should I go back?


Italian Chicken Pasta


And for my lunch, I had Italian Chicken Pasta. Here in the Philippines, IHOP is always compared to the local version, Pancake House, since they both specialize in pancakes and breakfast menu. In terms of breakfast, I prefer IHOP. However, in terms of food outside breakfast, which includes pasta, I would choose Pancake House. I don’t know. Maybe, I’m just being biased since I’m used to Philippine pastas. Check out Pancake House’s Spaghetti and see for yourself.


IHOP Tacos


I had greens and cheese for my omelette and greens and cheese again for my tacos. What’s the problem with me? Am I turning vegetarian now? But I hate veggies! Perhaps, IHOP is putting some kind of potion on my food that will make me like it. I may not be serious about the potion but I’m still wondering what that secret ingredient is. Imagine! The IHOP tacos turned a veggie-hater to a veggie-lover. It’s overloaded, too!


Strawberry Banana Smoothie


Their Strawberry Banana Smoothie tastes the same with my mother’s every morning drink, which is Banana Oatmeal Smoothie. I don’t know where the tang of the strawberry and oatmeal come from. All I notice is its similarity. And I don’t know if I should be happy because it reminds me of my mother’s recipe or not because my mother can create a same-flavored blend which implies that there is nothing special about their smoothie. I enjoyed it anyway. I just wish they place it on a bigger glass.

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