DIY: Injured Fingers

Injured Fingers

Can you see my fingers? This is all because of Yenn. Remember her, the one that I featured in “Yenn Kathleen Of Youtube“? I will never forget what she did. Actually, I just watched her doing something in her fingers. I was shocked because her fingers seemed injured. I continued watching what she’s doing and found out that glue and marker was the cause of her injury. I copied what she’s doing and tried it on my own fingers. And the picture above was the result. See, what Yenn did to me! But you know what, among all the injuries, this is the best. Aside from the fact that it is painless, I enjoy having this on my fingers to fool those people who are seeing it, just like you! Feel free to have this injury-look-a-like and trick you friends this Halloween season by following the steps.

1. Apply glue on the skin that you desire to put your injury.

© Simone King
© Simone King


2. Let it dry. Let it dry. Can’t hold it back anymore.

step 2


3. Gently, scrape the sides of the dried glue. I repeat, just the sides.

step 3


4. Color the middle part, which is the unscraped dried glue with red marker.

© Simone King
© Simone King


5. Go out and trick your friends. Enjoy!

step 5


step 5.2

I acknowledge Yenn Kathleen for this idea. She’s so cool and creative, right? She deserves your suscribes, likes and follows.







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