Yenn Kathleen Of Youtube

yenn kathleen of youtube

If we want to watch drama, comedy, action, love, entertainment and everything that are not in TV, there’s only one site that we are searching. It is no other than Youtube. We all know that. The site allows users to upload, view, and share videos. Also, this site is where the life of vloggers in.

Hi readers, I want you to meet Yenn Kathleen! So what’s with her? Well, it’s just that if I have this blog, then she has this vlog. And Youtube is where she belong. She shares her experiences, random thoughts, tips, fangirling, parodies and fun. You better check it out in Youtube. You will really enjoy her videos because me, myself, I really enjoyed it!

But first, I wanna share something. You know what, when I first met Yenn, she seems quiet, shy and calm. I thought she is this ‘hindi-makabasag-ng-pinggan’ type of girl. But no! When I first watched her videos, she’s so crazy, energetic, entertaining, jolly, funny, cute and all the opposites of my first impressions to her. And to her videos? I can’t believe. Wow! Just wow!

Here are some of her videos that I really enjoy.


Love Hurts


Youtube Fanfest Manila Experience


Faild Dubsmasher


A Sibling Thing


How to: PIZZA


I know you want more of her.








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