Karaoke For Fun

karaoke for fun

We’re back! Yes, my ka-Tuna Century are back. But today, we’re not going to share jokes just like in our Tuna Century Christmas Carol video or to dance just like in our Just Dance Dance Kinetics┬ávideo. Today, we’re are going to sing! Yay! I don’t know if this is a good news or a bad news for our viewers. But why don’t you give us a try? Well,┬áthis is just for fun so please don’t expect that we’ll hit the right notes. We would like to apologize if we will waste a few minutes of your life. Just kidding. But it is up to you if this worth it or not. But for us, it is really worth it because we had fun!

Therefore, we used Youtube as our karaoke. We searched for our first song, which is Mine by Taylor Swift and our next songs are suggested by Youtube. Hence, we don’t have any idea what songs we are going to sing next by that time, so we are really sorry if we’re not prepared to sing. By the way, again, this is just for fun.




Up All Night


Bang Bang


All Of Me


You Belong With Me


Blank Space


Behind The Scenes


Meet my buddies.

Rotsen Moldogo




Janecel Jamig



And of course, me!

Ane King




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