Jovanni: Our Passion, Your Fashion

Jovanni Our Passion, Your Fashion

Jovanni was on sale at MOA up to 70% off last time that’s why we rushed into their stall and bought every Jovanni bags that caught our fancies. We had few Jovanni bags before but now that my mother and I already have more, it is just now also that we realized how exquisite and functional it is in every lady’s life.

As how their page introduce their product, Jovanni is a brand that brings fashion and energy to the woman today. Coming from humble beginnings, Jovanni bag collections made a great impact to the fashion world with a wide variety of collections, from the trendy styles and colors to latest world class materials. With its theme, “our passion, your fashion”, Jovanni provides bags for women that will suit even the most discerning women. Its bags are popular because it combines function and fashion. Women need different bags for different outfits and occasions. Their bags are varied. They carry bags that are perfect for student, young professionals, top executives and travelers.

I couldn’t agree more! According to my observation, they described their product completely and accurately so I have nothing more to say. I guess, we should proceed to each of my Jovanni bags.


jovanni brown slingbag 1

Jovanni brown sling bag

I wonder how Jovanni put simplicity and elegance at once. If I look closely into it, it seems like there’s nothing special. The tint is plainly brown, but not dull as the previous one, and the design is common. However, once I wear it, it’s like a magic that it makes me look sophisticated in an instant whatever event I’m attending. Furthermore, I’m surprised that although it looks teensy, it can sustain all of my school stuff from notebooks to cellphones.


jovanni blue sling bag 1

jovanni blue sling bag

This sling bag is perfect for wandering. It’s small yet big enough to contain essential bits and pieces. With its vibrant color choices, it instinctively adds a contemporary chic flavor, leaving the wearer, which is me, caught in a royal style. I don’t exactly know why royalty pop on my mind. Maybe, I’m seeing the fabric used on sofas in palaces in this thing. Do you get what my mind pictures? I’m sorry for being random that I compared it on sofas but this bag really has a royal touch on it.


jovanni plaid backpack 1

Jovanni plaid backpack

Of all the Jovanni bags I have, this backpack is my favorite. It has numerous pockets of different sizes so my tiny things and my substantial things have their respective places. However, I just noticed that it is not great during rainy season. It is the bag of the week and unfortunately, this week is the time of my college life when I get home wet. So my bag is also wet and unexpectedly, my things inside are moist, well, not wet. I still enjoy carrying it though.


jovanni plaid handbag 1

Jovanni plaid handbag

Oh! I forgot to tell that I love the design of my previous bag and its classic color. That’s why I have another plaid here, but this time, in a girly color. Moreover, their bags proved that Jovanni is expert in making micro into macro. As a matter of fact, when I put my things here, it still leaves huge space but there’s no big deal with that. And another thing! its zipper is smooth that’s why I enjoy sliding them even though I have nothing to get.


jovanni brown handbag 1

Jovanni brown handbag

Yes! This shoulder bag slash handbag is somehow gorgeous. Its texture is something I want on bags. Its strap is strong that it can carry a pound. But frankly, the color is dull. Perhaps, it is just for me. But who am I to complain? It was just given as a birthday gift by a friend so regardless if I like it or not, I should be thankful. But don’t get me wrong. I admit that I like it despite of the color. Hey, friend! You already know about this, right?

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