Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

Jupiter Ascending

“I hate my life” – a line the protagonist, Jupiter Jones, grumbles as she wakes up as early as 4:45 every morning to provide maid services; a line where I can only relate in the movie; a starting line in Jupiter’s story wherein the viewers will learn to love their lives.

Talking about the lesson of the story, the message I got is that we have to be contented on what we have and what we are today and be thankful that what we are encountering is not more extreme than our problems today. Well, I’m not really fond of space opera films that’s why this is the first message that I got from it.

After the I-hate-my-life scene every morning, Jupiter have to serve the wealthy people, like scrubbing the toilets. It’s not a queen thing! Yes, she is a queen. But before she knew, a lot of things happened to her life. She and her friend were attacked by extraterrestrial keepers. Somebody wanted to kill her. A group of hunters took her to a distant planet. Honestly, the plot that I understood was not that clear. Is it just me or what? All I know is that two children of the most powerful of the alien dynasties are fighting over her because she is a genetically identical reincarnation of the dead matriarch. But the best thing that happened to her is the arrival of Caine Wise. He had been her protector from the beginning even the antagonists part them. And also, he’s the one who returned Jupiter into her normal life. But her view on her normal life changed from I-hate-my-life to being thankful for the day.

Channing Titum

Spiritual people will definitely love this movie because it says a lot about Astrology, the reason why she wishes to buy a telescope expresses her disdain to astrology; Gods, as far as I know, most characters were named after Roman Gods, just like Jupiter; and Reincarnation, as I said, they believe that Jupiter is a reincarnation of the much-worshipped queen.

I would rate Jupiter Ascending in the middle of a scale because it shows a typical story of most films. Good thing the production retrieved themselves for having a simply fantastic filmmaking. The editing is aptly swift. The visual effects used are never needless. The music scoring is exhilaration. The characters plays exactly like a real match, fast-paced, spectacular and always entertaining. And yay, we took IMAX so we totally had fun watching.


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