Things That We Should Always Have In Our Bags


Honestly, the original title of this blog post is “Things Inside My Bag.” However, as I list them down one by one, I noticed that my things are also the essential things that we should always have in our bags, not just in my bag. Therefore, I change the title for the purpose of informing everyone what to always bring in case of any event that may happen on our way to somewhere. What if we got bored in the place we stay? What if the rain poured? How about if the sun burns our skin? What if a stranger blocked our way? What if the things we need in the comfort room is not there? What if some got hit of a car? What if earthquake happened? There are full of what ifs in Earth and one of the things that can save us is our bag, the stuff inside our bag, rather.


1. Cellphone


Well, I don’t need to tell you this because I know you are already bringing this everywhere with or without bag outside or inside the house. When we have to call or text someone, we use our phone. When we get bored, we use our phone. When we take photos, we use our phone. Life revolves around our gadgets now so cellphones can’t be missed.


2. Wallet


Again, it’s obvious. In my wallet, I keep enough money, IDs, cards and store and restaurant coupons. We can’t go to places without money, right? We can’t enter our school and work without our ID. And in my case, it’s regretting if I bought something without my reward card or discount coupons. And in your case, whatever is inside your wallet, I know that it’s also important.


3. License


Whether you’re planning to drive or not, we must carry our driver’s license with us. It’s a lesson from my mother’s story. She was on her way up from the office to pay our bills while I was on my way down to go to school. We met in the elevator and she insisted to drive me to school without thinking if she have her driver’s license with her. Let me just keep what happened next.


4. Umbrella


Either it’s rainy or sunny the day is, our bags must have an umbrella. It’s much better if we keep it there forever because we never know when we will be needing it. When the sun is up, we cover ourselves from the heat of it through umbrellas. When the rain pours, we try not to be wet with the help of umbrellas.


5. Paper Towels


Hey! We don’t want to say goodbye to our socks, right? If that’s the case, then throw some tissue papers in your bag because toilet papers are not all the time available in comfort rooms. Handkerchiefs are not all the time offered when you cry. Things that you should hold are not all the time clean. It’s really better to have paper towels to rescue you in these situations.


6. Hair Ties


Boys, you may skip this but you may also read this to remind your girls. Girls, it may be hot outside and we don’t want to feel sweaty and stinky. To somehow refresh you and decrease the heat that you are feeling, bring hair ties and pull your hair up. And oh! Don’t forget the comb. I can tie my hair and go everywhere without combing. How about you?


7. Pepper Spray


I know most of you don’t have this that’s why I’m here suggesting that you should start carrying your own pepper spray in the pocket of your bag that is easiest to open. Crime is rampant and we never know when it will happen to us. I hope not but still, it’s better to have your own weapon for self defense. It can save your life, I promise.


8. First Aid Kit


As a member of a volunteer team that offers emergency medical services, I am encouraging you to bring your own first aid kit so you will be ready if you have to cure yourself, your friends or someone who needs medical attention. Band aids, bandages, gauze pads, cotton, antibiotic ointments and creams, rubbing alcohol – these are the basic stuff that should be found inside your kit.


9. Flashlight


You are not bringing flashlight because you are going to watch and sing with The Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect! You are bringing this because flashlight is a life-saving thing, together with the pepper spray, first aid kit and the next thing to be featured, especially during power outages, during bad weather, for personal security and when you are looking for something.


10. Whistle


Maybe, you are wondering why on Earth should we bring a whistle. We’re not police. We’re not band majorette. We’re neither referee nor timekeeper. But we’re residents of this planet who may encounter emergencies and disasters. Blowing your whistles can tell the rescuers you’re alive. Remember how Rose of Titanic got the attention of the rescuers?

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