The Lego Batman Movie Review

Call me weird but I’m not a fan of superhero movies. I have watched and liked a few like Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it takes a lot of requests for me to watch one whether it is animated or live action film. When The Lego Batman was in cinemas, my friends and I were in MOA. Then suddenly, they decided to watch the flick. We were six and I was the only one who refused. I have no choice but to come with them. Besides, my ticket was free because they bought one for me. Call me lucky instead.

When The Lego Batman started, I already expected it to have full of battles fighting crime and protecting Gotham City. Men, that’s not my thing! I was honestly thinking of sleeping already but those naughty and adorable Legos prevent me from doing so. Imagine a Lego Batman falling in love like as if there are hearts in his eyes or a Lego Joker with sad face and puppy eyes. Funny, right? And it becomes more interesting when the movie started to talk about Batman’s feelings.

In The Lego Batman, Bruce Wayne was feeling alone but he hides it by claiming that he doesn’t need a family and that he can save Gotham City all by himself. He also hurt Joker by telling him that he is not Batman’s greatest enemy, causing him to have his revenge and destroy Gotham City. On the day when Barbara Gordon was hailed as the new police commissioner, Joker surrendered. But no one know that it was part of his revenge. When Batman hit him with Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector and sent him to Phantom Zone, a house for the most dangerous villains in Lego Universe, Harley Quinn stole the Phantom Zone Projector and freed all the villains in the Phantom Zone. Scared to lose them, Batman sent Robin, Alfred and Barbara away and faced Robin’s team alone. However, Robin sent him to the Phantom Zone due to selfishness. Batman pleaded Phyllis, the gatekeeper, to send him back to Gotham City. When Phyllis agreed, he apologized to Robin, Barbara and Alfred and teamed up with them to fight Joker. But when Batman realized that there was no other way to save Gotham City, he finally said the three words Joker has been waiting for to stop destroying the city – I hate you.

Oh yeah! That’s how the story went. If you don’t believe me, watch the movie and see for yourself. Silly? I know! But in all honesty, this silly plot didn’t make me bored at all because aside from being funny and eerie, the story is also moving as it focused more on feelings and emotions of Batman. It is not the typical Batman movie you see in the cinemas and not the typical Batman villain you know.

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