Skechers: Go Like Never Before

Ever since childhood, it’s always been Skechers. I guess, it was my parents’ favorite not just for me, but also for themselves since I also see them have the brand but not as much as I do. Now that I grew up and has the ability to choose and find for myself, I admit that I am liking other brands of shoes but still, Skechers is among my preferred brands.

For those who do not know the brand which is so impossible, Skechers is an American lifestyle and performance footwear company for men, women and children. Not to mention, it is the second largest athletic footwear brand in the United States earning three billion dollar for a single year. Well, there’s no doubt about that since they’re providing more than high-quality products that can easily catch people’s heart. I love that they had come up to the idea of having two distinct footwear categories, the lifestyle division and performance footwear, since not all consumers are into sports footwear and the same goes with lifestyle shoes. Aside from these, the company also offers branded apparel, bags, eyewear, toys, and more.

It’s not difficult to love their products. In fact, Skechers smarten up the way I carry myself and bring out the best in me as they boost the confidence and fashion level of their wearer. Moreover, they produce shoes with unique designs that can catch up with everyday’s trend. This is just a portion of a long list of reasons why I trust the brand and own numerous Skechers shoes. With that, it’s my pleasure to share my five dearest Skechers footwear.


Go Flex Ability

I admire that Skecher’s Go Flex Ability absolutely stood to its name because it is not just flexible physically, but it is also flexible in a sense that I can pair it almost all outfit. The outsole is segmented and the insole is made of their very own memory foam which makes is flexible and really comfortable to wear. I’ve never seen a footwear that is as soft as this. At the same time, it’s fashionable and versatile. For me, it’s applicable on both lifestyle and performance activities.


Sports Active Gratis In Motion

One thing we hate about a pair of shoes is its lace. Yes, it tighten the shoes for us so it could fit perfectly, but it’s also disturbing whenever it keeps on untying. Sometimes, no matter how strong the knot is, it still loses. I’m glad that Skechers has a solution for this and used stretchable bungee laces on some of their footwear. Whenever I wear this, I’m not minding if my shoelaces are locked or not anymore. And that is one reason why I keep coming back to Skechers.


Sports Active Gratis Love It

As far as I could remember, this was my first Skechers shoes ever. I got it when I was in my grade school and use it back then during our Physical Education class. And as you can see, it is alive up unti now! Although some parts of the skin were peeled and its color turned yellowish already, I can now prove how strong Skechers products are through this. I still wear it on some occasions and I can feel that it is still as tough as new.


Sports Active Glider Zelous

I was not aware that I’ve been buying the same kind of shoes for three times. Every time I walk in their store, this model, regardless of the design, is the one that always allures me because apart from the bungee laces and memory foam which I already mentioned earlier, it’s extremely light like as if I’m not wearing a shoe at all. The fact that the model still exists means that it is demanded and loved by many and obviously, that includes me.


Tone Ups Hotness

Yes! Skechers has sandals, too! Actually, this was my mom’s Tone Ups but because I thought it was beautiful, I ask it from her. Even though it doesn’t have memory foam like most of their footwear, it’s comfortable and not painful to equip. As said, Skechers also offer accessories such as Skechers Time. I got a watch from them but sadly, its strap broke. This gives me a conclusion that Skechers Time products do not possess the same strength of their footwear products.

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