She’s Dating The Gangster Book Review


He’s mean. He’s rude. He gets on her nerves and he’s the love of her life.

Okay. I don’t know how will I start this book review so I just quoted the text stated at the back of its cover. I also can’t start with the plot of the story because I know that you are already familiar about it. She’s dating the gangster. The title says it all. Good girl fell for a bad boy and eventually fell back after a series of random crap. Sounds cliche, right? But that’s not a big deal for me, anymore, because it’s a Wattpad story. You can’t blame the writers for writing cliches because they aren’t as professional as you think. So stop judging the Wattpad stories for being cliche! What matters for me is how it affects my feelings while I’m reading it. The story really stirs someone’s emotion from laughter to despair.

I hate sad endings. I really really do, especially when they encounter death. Whenever I hated an ending, it means that the story has an effective one because it is the author’s goal to make their readers cry at the end. And yes, She’s Dating the Gangster let me cry so hard that made my parents think that I have a problem. That’s why I hate it because it doesn’t just made me cry, but also, I can’t get over and can’t accept the characters’ death on the week after I read the story. It felt like I’m in their situation. It’s just sad that Kenji, the male lead, followed Athena, the female lead, into death. Perhaps, the author is a fan of tragic endings like Romeo and Juliet. But despite of that, I discourage the readers to do such thing. These things are just fictional, okay?

I also admire how the characters are created. Lucas was nice but not nice enough to level up a person like Kenji, whose acts are romantic and touching. Well, this is an opinion only because I know, someone out there prefer a prince like Lucas over a gangster like Kenji. And for the girls, it is so coincidental to have two Athenas who had one boyfriend and who both have disease. Athena with the D was selfless and true that’s why I like her. Athena with the T was the opposite of her, but I’m glad that she changed herself before the story ends, or else, she’ll ruined the protagonists’ relationship until her last breath. I don’t want that to happen. Team Athenji here! They are my love babe and sexy love.

Writing stories is just a hobby, turned into passion, of Bianca Bernardino. But still, she writes just like its her profession. I salute you, ms. author for doing such a wonderful story worth reading.

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